13 Facts About Amanda Freitag


Amanda Freitag was born on May 11,1972 and is an American celebrity chef, and cookbook author.

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Amanda Freitag is known for her frequent guest on Food Network television programs and work as a judge on the television cooking competitions.

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Amanda Freitag attended Cedar Grove High School, then known as Memorial High School, where her home economics teacher, Joan Levine, suggested that Freitag might be interested in attending the Culinary Institute of America.

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Amanda Freitag has stated that her time at Verbena was meaningful and she built important relationships, and where she first learned to focus on using local, organic ingredients.

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Amanda Freitag was chef de cuisine at Cesca, before moving to an executive chef position at The Harrison.

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On September 3,2010, The New York Times reported that Amanda Freitag would be leaving the Harrison, and the restaurant's owner, Jimmy Bradley, will return as chef.

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From January 2014 until July 2015, Amanda Freitag took over as executive chef of the Empire Diner in Manhattan, New York.

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Since 2009, Amanda Freitag is a frequent judge on the culinary reality game show Chopped.

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Amanda Freitag narrowly lost, with a score of 49 against Flay's 50 points.

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The judging was evenly matched, with the exception of Amanda Freitag having earned one point fewer in the "taste" category.

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Amanda Freitag competed in The Next Iron Chef Season 2, finishing in fourth place.

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Amanda Freitag stated she would continue as a judge on Chopped for the 2010 season and she returned for the season four episode "Against the Tide".

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Amanda Freitag appeared as a contestant on season five of The Next Iron Chef.

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