10 Facts About Amanda Freitag

1. Amanda Freitag was born on May 11, 1972 and is an American celebrity chef, and cookbook author.

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2. Amanda Freitag's is known for her frequent guest on Food Network television programs and work as a judge on the television cooking competitions.

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3. Amanda Freitag attended CIA at the Hyde Park location, graduating in 1989.

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4. Amanda Freitag was chef de cuisine at Cesca, before moving to an executive chef position at The Harrison.

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5. From January 2014 until July 2015, Amanda Freitag took over as executive chef of the Empire Diner in Manhattan, New York.

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6. Since 2009, Amanda Freitag is a frequent judge on the culinary reality game show Chopped.

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7. The judging was evenly matched, with the exception of Amanda Freitag having earned one point fewer in the "taste" category.

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8. Amanda Freitag competed in The Next Iron Chef Season 2, finishing in fourth place.

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9. Amanda Freitag stated she would continue as a judge on Chopped for the 2010 season and she returned for the season four episode "Against the Tide".

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10. Amanda Freitag's appeared as a contestant on season five of The Next Iron Chef.

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