12 Facts About Amanda Kessel


Amanda Kessel was born on August 28,1991 and is an American professional ice hockey player.

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Amanda Kessel has been a member of the United States women's national ice hockey team and played four seasons for the Minnesota Golden Gophers women's ice hockey program.

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Amanda Kessel has played professionally in the National Women's Hockey League and Professional Women's Hockey Players Association.

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Amanda Kessel was the Captain of Championship Team at the Pink Whitney Cup.

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Amanda Kessel accomplished the 100-point mark in just 34 games and won her second consecutive U-19 national championship.

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Amanda Kessel played for the United States Under-18 in 2009, and was named the World Under 18 tournament's most valuable forward.

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Amanda Kessel scored six goals and 13 assists for 19 points to lead Team USA to a gold medal.

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Amanda Kessel was named to the US team that participated in the 2010 Four Nations Cup.

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Amanda Kessel was never drafted by a National Women's Hockey League team; league rules stipulate that a college player must be entering her senior year to be drafted, and Amanda Kessel's junior season was completed in 2013, before the league existed.

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Amanda Kessel was named one of the two captains for the 2nd NWHL All-Star Game.

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Amanda Kessel was named a team captain at the January 2020 Toronto showcase.

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In 2019, Amanda Kessel paired with Eric Radford for the fifth season of CBC's Battle of the Blades, where hockey players pair with figure skaters to compete for their chosen charity.

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