12 Facts About Amanda Staveley


Amanda Louise Staveley was born on 11 April 1973 and is a British business executive.


Amanda Staveley is notable chiefly for her connections with Middle Eastern investors.


Amanda Staveley helped a Saudi consortium take over Newcastle United in a deal completed in October 2021 and has joined the board of directors.


Amanda Staveley was involved in Mansour's high-profile purchase of Manchester City FC in September 2008.


Amanda Staveley has attempted on two occasions to buy a stake in Newcastle United, first in 2018 and again in 2020 as part of a group led by Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund.


At the age of 16, Amanda Staveley left school and enrolled at a crammer, winning a place to read modern languages at St Catharine's College, Cambridge.


Amanda Staveley abandoned her degree after suffering from stress following the death of her grandfather.


Amanda Staveley denied having agreed to any payments and hired Kroll Inc to investigate the members of the EuroTelecom board.


Amanda Staveley agreed an Individual Voluntary Arrangement and in 2008 was paying back her creditors, including Barclays.


The Barclays legal team claimed that Amanda Staveley inserted herself into the capital raising while Amanda Staveley countered that the PCP was not a "facilitator" as Barclays claimed, but rather led the investment syndicate.


Later that year Amanda Staveley was involved in an attempt to help finance the $13.5 billion sale of Barclays Global Investors to the US firm BlackRock, offering $2.8 billion of funding in return for a shareholding of 10 per cent, an amount that reportedly included a commitment of Amanda Staveley's own money.


Amanda Staveley initially hit the tabloid headlines after dating Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in 2003.