12 Facts About Amanda Vickery


Amanda Jane Vickery was born on 8 December 1962 and is an English historian, writer, radio and television presenter, and professor of early modern history at Queen Mary, University of London.


Amanda Vickery graduated from the former Bedford College, London, where she completed her PhD in Modern History.


Amanda Vickery is professor of early modern history at Queen Mary, University of London, and has held academic posts at Royal Holloway, University of London and Churchill College, Cambridge.


Amanda Vickery holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala.


Amanda Vickery is winner of the Longman History Today prize, the Whitfield Prize and the Wolfson History Prize.


Amanda Vickery has written widely on social history, literature, the history of romance and the home, politics, law and crime with an emphasis on women's studies and feminism.


Amanda Vickery has presented At Home with the Georgians, a three-part television series based on her book Behind Closed Doors.


Amanda Vickery is a regular contributor to arts, history, and cultural review programmes broadcast by BBC Radio.


Amanda Vickery has appeared on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time, Saturday Review, and Start the Week.


Amanda Vickery makes programmes for Radio 4 through independent production company Loftus Audio.


On 30 January 2015 Amanda Vickery received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Arts at Uppsala University, Sweden.


Amanda Vickery was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2021.