11 Facts About Amazon Fire


Amazon Fire, formerly called the Kindle Fire, is a line of tablet computers developed by Amazon.

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The Kindle Amazon Fire HD followed in September 2012, and the Kindle Amazon Fire HDX in September 2013.

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In later generations, the Amazon Fire tablet is able to convert into a Smart speaker turning on the "Show Mode" options, which the primary interaction will be by voice command through Alexa.

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The Kindle Amazon Fire HDX had an improved graphics engine, double the memory, and triple the processor speed of the previous model.

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In September 2015, Amazon announced the release of the Fire 7, priced at for the 8GB version that displays advertisements on the lock screen.

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In September 2016, Amazon announced the release of the Fire HD 8 which includes the virtual assistant Alexa, priced at.

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An upgraded model of Amazon Fire 7 was announced in May 2019, with a scheduled release in June 2019 and keeping the US$49.

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Colour display technologies consume much more power than monochrome electronic paper types; Amazon Fire offer a typical battery life of 8 hours of mixed usage, while monochrome Kindles offer 15 to 30 hours' use without WiFi—"battery lasts weeks on a single charge"—with a much lower-capacity battery.

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In May 2022, Amazon announced the company were updating the foundation of the Fire Operating System.

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Amazon Kindle Fire helped the company beat their 2012 first quarter estimates and boosted the company's stock in extended trading.

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Beyond this usage, Amazon Fire is used for explicit phone devices and for TV add-on sticks.

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