32 Facts About Amelia Shepherd


Amelia Shepherd remained in the series until the final episode.


Amelia Shepherd was then promoted to series regular for season eleven, and has appeared as a main cast member for all of its subsequent seven seasons.


Amelia Shepherd has appeared as a guest star in the second spin-off, Station 19.


Amelia Shepherd ended up appearing in five episodes of the third season of Private Practice.


Amelia Shepherd suffered so much tragedy, heartbreak and really has taken the long and hard path back to sobriety and back to a balanced life.


Amelia Shepherd had her surgical privileges revoked because she fell off the wagon.


Amelia Shepherd has maintained her sobriety, become Chief of Neurosurgery, been an incredible friend to everyone she knows and helped to raise both a baby and a teenager who was struggling with addiction.

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Amelia Shepherd's love has expanded in so many ways, and she has her feet solidly planted on the ground.


Caterina Scorsone offered to rationalize Amelia Shepherd's fears of having another child, causing the rift, despite Owen being somewhat aware of the loss of her firstborn son.


Amelia Shepherd doesn't want to disappoint him, she loves him so much and she is totally paralyzed by the fear and trauma she went through in Los Angeles.


Scorsone felt Amelia Shepherd was more prepared now that she had experienced parenting Leo and fellow addict Betty in the previous two seasons, as well as her articulating the loss of her son Christopher aloud.


Amelia Shepherd joined the team despite knowing she would encounter her former sister-in-law, Addison Montgomery.


However, Amelia Shepherd is soon fired from the team after offering the patient's family hope in the form of experimental surgery, but the patient's husband requests Amelia Shepherd to perform it despite the risks.


Amelia Shepherd later asks Naomi Bennett for a place at Oceanside as the primary neurosurgeon.


However, Dell dies on the table, and Amelia Shepherd takes it very hard.


Amelia Shepherd pushes her friend to find out if she has the gene.


When her friend's results come back positive for Huntington's gene, she asks Amelia Shepherd to help her kill herself in assisted suicide, because she did not want to die the way her mother did.


Amelia Shepherd refuses which leads to her old friend taking matters into her own hands and completing suicide.


Amelia Shepherd then ends up relapsing on drugs along with a man named Ryan whom she had met one night while grieving.


Amelia Shepherd wakes up next to her dead fiance and later learns she is pregnant with his child.


However, the baby, who Amelia Shepherd names Christopher, is born without a frontal lobe, causing him to die in Amelia Shepherd's arms soon after his birth.


Amelia Shepherd donates all of Christopher's organs to ensure his death was not in vain.


Amelia Shepherd appeared in the third episode of the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy where Amelia and Derek started to reconcile their differences, as part of a cross-over.


Amelia Shepherd reprised her role in the fifteenth episode of the eighth season, working a neuro case with Lexie Grey, portrayed by Chyler Leigh.


Amelia Shepherd is angry over Miranda Bailey hiring Penny Blake, one of Derek's doctors on the day he died.

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The thirteenth season sees Amelia Shepherd and Owen's marriage face problems when the idea of pregnancy brings repressed memories of the death of her firstborn son, Christopher.


Late in the fourteenth season sees Amelia Shepherd helps a teenage addict named Betty and her six-month son, Leo.


Amelia Shepherd starts sleeping with Link and later discovers she is pregnant with his child.


Amelia Shepherd expresses uncertainty about revealing the paternity of the baby, as it might have been Owen's, but Link's affirmation of loving the child regardless of whether he is the father soothes her.


Amelia Shepherd gives birth to their son in the sixteenth-season finale, who was later named Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln in the season premiere of season 17.


In season 18, Amelia Shepherd was part of a storyline with Meredith which saw them travel to Minnesota to take part in Parkinson's Disease research with the hope of curing the disease.


Whilst in Minnesota, Amelia Shepherd met a fellow Hopkins Alumni, Neuroscientist Dr Kai Bartley who identifies as non-binary.