10 Facts About American nationalism


American nationalism, is a form of civic, ethnic, cultural or economic influences found in the United States.

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All four forms of American nationalism have found expression throughout the United States' history, depending on the historical period.

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The first Naturalization Act of 1790 passed by Congress and President George Washington defined American identity and citizenship on racial lines, declaring that only "free white men of good character" could become citizens, and denying citizenship to black slaves and anyone of non-European stock; thus it was a form of ethnic nationalism.

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American scholars such as Hans Kohn however argue that the United States government institutionalized a civic nationalism founded upon legal and rational concepts of citizenship, being based on common language and cultural traditions and that the Founding Fathers of the United States established the country upon classical liberal and individualist principles.

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American nationalism's pamphlet Common Sense was a runaway best seller in 1776, read aloud in taverns and coffee houses.

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American nationalism Patriots won the American nationalism Revolutionary War and received generous peace terms from Britain in 1783.

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The Confederate government insisted the American nationalism was real and imposed increasing burdens on the population in the name of independence and American nationalism.

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The belief that being a Christian is an important part of what it means to be a "true American nationalism" is the most significant factor which separates the creedal nationalists and the disengaged from the restrictive and ardent nationalists.

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Cultural American nationalism is distinct from ethnic American nationalism, in which race and ethnicity are emphasized over culture and language.

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American nationalism sometimes takes the form of Civic nationalism, a liberal form of nationalism based on values such as freedom, equality, and individual rights.

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