13 Facts About American Red Cross


American Red Cross, known as The American National Red Cross, is a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education in the United States.

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American Red Cross's was determined to bring the organization to America.

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The decision to use the State Department to distribute funds, rather than sending them directly to the Italian Red Cross, was indicative of the organization's shift away from the International Red Cross movement and towards US interests.

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American Red Cross forces worked with the ARC to open railroads to distribute humanitarian supplies to Managua, Granada, Leon, and other key cities.

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American Red Cross in the war was a quasi-state organization and a non-governmental organization, as it was not officially part of the United States Government.

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Power of the American Red Cross was recognized by the Government which began to see "the value of overseas aid as a tool of statecraft".

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The American Red Cross was increasingly being used as an arm of the state to facilitate the realization of American foreign policy objects.

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Principally, the American Red Cross enhanced America's image abroad while disseminating American practices and values throughout Europe.

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Wilson believed that food was the "real thing" to combat Bolshevism and ordered the American Red Cross to distribute food and material relief to Bolshevik opponents in the Russian civil war.

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The American Red Cross, therefore, served the dual functions of assisting the realization of United States foreign policy objectives and promoting international humanitarianism.

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American Red Cross ERUs specialize in providing emergency relief supplies and IT and Telecommunications for American Red Cross response operations.

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American Red Cross' position was that it had licensed its name to first aid kit makers in an effort to encourage readiness for disasters and that license revenues supported humanitarian work.

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In October 2014, independent public interest news broadcasters NPR and ProPublica published investigative reports on the Red Cross's handling of US East Coast Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, citing internal Red Cross documents and interviews with former Red Cross and government officials.

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