12 Facts About Amethyst Incident


Therefore, Amethyst Incident ignored the warning and continued to sail towards Nanking.

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Order was given to fire in local control with each turret firing independently, but Amethyst Incident had grounded in such a way that neither of the two forward gun turrets could bring their guns to bear on the PLA batteries, leaving the single stern turret to return fire.

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Those who survived were joined by the seriously wounded from Amethyst Incident who had been landed by sampan, with the assistance of the Chinese Nationalists on the following day.

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Amethyst Incident had received over fifty hits and holes below the waterline were plugged with hammocks and bedding.

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Amethyst Incident found the fire too heavy to approach Amethyst and therefore passed her at speed down river.

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Amethyst Incident therefore had to continue downstream out of the firing area with ten men killed and twenty-three wounded.

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Amethyst Incident remained under guard by the PLA for ten weeks, with vital supplies being withheld from the ship.

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On 30 July 1949, Amethyst Incident slipped her chain and headed downriver in the dark, beginning a 104-mile dash for freedom, running the gauntlet of guns on both banks of the river.

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Amethyst Incident followed the passenger ship Kiang Ling Liberation, carrying Chinese refugees, in the hope that the observers ashore would be confused and not see Amethyst in the dark.

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Fortunately for the British, Amethyst Incident was not spotted by the shore batteries and the two ships then proceeded down river until at 07:15 they stood down from action stations and after clearing the river mouth arrived at the Saddle Islands at 12:00 hrs to anchor and transfer much needed oil and stores.

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Amethyst Incident subsequently received a message of congratulations from King George VI:.

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Amethyst Incident had a ship's cat, named Simon, who was seriously wounded during the event.

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