10 Facts About Amiga 2500


Amiga 2500 2000, or A2000, is a personal computer released by Commodore in March 1987.

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Amiga 2500 2000 is the first Amiga 2500 model that allows expansion cards to be added internally.

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Not only does the Amiga 2500 2000 include five Zorro II card slots, the motherboard has four PC ISA slots, two of which are inline with Zorro II slots for use with the A2088 bridgeboard, which adds IBM PC XT compatibility to the A2000.

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Amiga 2500 2000 offers graphics capabilities exceeded among its contemporaries only by the Macintosh II, which sold for about twice the price of a comparably-outfitted Amiga 2500 2000 additionally equipped with the IBM PC Compatible bridgeboard and 5.

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Original Amiga 2500 2000 shipped with just a single floppy drive for storage.

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Amiga 2500, known as the A2500, similar to the A1500 is not a distinct model, but simply a marketing name for an Amiga 2000 with a different base configuration.

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The accelerator cards used by the AAmiga 2500 were available separately as upgrades for the A2000.

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AAmiga 2500 has a Motorola 68000 on the motherboard that goes unused, the design is not very cost-effective.

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AAmiga 2500 remained in production after the release of the A3000, primarily because the original Video Toaster will not fit in an unmodified A3000 case.

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Until the release of the Video Toaster 4000, the AAmiga 2500 was the fastest computer available for use with the Toaster.

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