11 Facts About Amiga OS


The Amiga OS has an excellent multitasking system, and I think it will have twice the product life of the Macintosh because of it.

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Since the Amiga OS has only one address space, Exec message passing is quite efficient.

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ARP provided one of the first standardized file requesters for the Amiga OS, and introduced the use of more friendly UNIX-style wildcard functions in command-line parameters.

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Unlike the Macintosh mouse available at the time, the standard Amiga OS mouse has two buttons – the right mouse button operates the pull-down menus, with a "release to select" mechanism.

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Amiga OS did not have any inbuilt 3D graphics capability, and so had no standard 3D graphics API.

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Amiga OS was launched at a time when there was little support for 3D graphics libraries to enhance desktop GUIs and computer rendering capabilities.

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However, the Amiga OS became one of the first widespread 3D development platforms.

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Likewise, while the Amiga OS is well known for its ability to easily genlock with video, it has no built-in video capture interface.

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The Amiga OS supported a vast number of third-party interfaces for video capture from American and European manufacturers.

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The Amiga OS continues to inspire a vibrant — albeit cultlike — community, not unlike that which you have with Linux, the Unix clone.

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BeOS features a centralized datatype structure similar to MacOS Easy Open after old Amiga OS developers requested Be to adopt Amiga OS datatype service.

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