10 Facts About Aminet


Aminet is the world's largest archive of Amiga-related software and files.

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Aminet was originally hosted by several universities' FTP sites, and is available on CD-ROM and on the web.

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Now Aminet is complemented by platform specific sites archiving software for AmigaOS 4, AROS or MorphOS only.

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Aminet was an early attempt to create a centralized public archive maintained by the users themselves, predated only by the Info-Mac archive.

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Aminet aimed to keep the community united and free to download new open source software, new program demo releases, patches and localization of Amiga programs, pictures, audio and video files and even hints or complete solutions to various Amiga games.

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Around the same time, Nicolas Mendoza was setting up a modernized interface that indexed Aminet and provided advanced search features and a modern interface to navigate the tree, called Amirepo.

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Aminet posted public suggestions on how to help improving Aminet by adding tags for architectures to help catalog the tree that now consisted of MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 and Amithlon files, in addition to the already existing m68k, PowerUP and WarpOS files.

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Aminet suggested on measures to add proper dependencies to complement and replace the existing Requires field.

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Aminet tried to contact individuals like Matthias Scheler and Urban Muller which was known to maintain Aminet, but to no avail.

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The Amirepo interface of Nicolas Mendoza was integrated and Aminet was officially up and running again in February 2005.

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