10 Facts About Amir Aczel


Amir Dan Aczel was an Israeli-born American lecturer in mathematics and the history of mathematics and science, and an author of popular books on mathematics and science.

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Amir Aczel's father was the captain of a passenger ship that sailed primarily in the Mediterranean Sea.

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When he was ten, Amir Aczel's father taught his son how to steer a ship and navigate.

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Amir Aczel graduated from the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, in 1969.

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Amir Aczel graduated with a BA in mathematics in 1975, and received a Master of Science in 1976.

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Amir Aczel taught mathematics at universities in California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Italy, and Greece.

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Amir Aczel married his wife Debra in 1984 and had one daughter, Miriam, and one stepdaughter.

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Amir Aczel accepted a professorship at Bentley College in Massachusetts, where he taught classes on statistics and the history of science and history of mathematics.

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Amir Aczel appeared on CNN, CNBC, The History Channel, and Nightline.

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Amir Aczel was a 2004 Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, a Visiting Scholar in the History of Science at Harvard University, and was awarded a Sloan Foundation grant to research his 2015 book Finding Zero .

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