20 Facts About Amjad Sabri


Amjad Farid Sabri was a Pakistani qawwal, naat khawan and a proponent of the Sufi Muslim tradition.


Amjad Sabri's father trained him in Raag Bhairon, which is practiced in early morning.


Amjad Sabri presented the work of his family and travelled widely to India, America and Europe where he was known as the "rock star" of qawwali.


Amjad Sabri appeared alongside his father Ghulam Farid Sabri and uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri at the age of 6 years old, along with the Sabri Brothers in Pakistani film Saharay which was released in 1982.


Amjad Sabri recited Allama Iqbal's poem Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua in the same film.


Amjad Sabri mostly used to recite poetry sung by his father and uncle, then eventually began to include some of his own compositions.


Amjad Sabri's most popular song is a Naat Karam Maangta Hoon.


Amjad Sabri performed an outstanding qawwali, "Aaj Rang Hai" with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Episode 7 of Season 9.


Amjad Sabri is fondly remembered by friends and family as a warm and affable person who was always smiling, and had a love for board games and a childish tendency to play pranks.


Amjad Sabri married his wife Nadia after being introduced to her in 2002 through mutual friends.


Amjad Sabri was known to be a family man who preferred to spend time with his wife and children despite his hectic career and travelling commitments and felt homesick when travelling abroad.


Amjad Sabri preferred to live in his humble Liaqatabad residence even after achieving world fame and refused to move to a more affluent area due to his spiritual association with the home built by his father.


Amjad Sabri was shot twice in the head and once on the ear.


All of the passengers were then shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where Amjad Sabri died shortly after.


Amjad Sabri's assassination occurred near an underpass named after his father.


Amjad Sabri was buried near the graves of his father Ghulam Farid Sabri and uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri at Paposh Qabristan, in Nazimabad.


Amjad Sabri's murder was met with condemnation from many public figures in Pakistan and India, and several protests were organised against the killing.


In 2016, a Qawal group held a concert in the United States in a tribute to Amjad Sabri, which was attended by thousands of people.


Amjad Sabri disclosed that Amjad Sabri was not paying extortion to the party, which was the reason for his murder.


Amjad Sabri was previously arrested by US forces in Afghanistan in 2016 but was later released after he spent 14 weeks in jail in Afghanistan.