13 Facts About Amp'd Mobile


Amp'd Mobile was a cellular phone service launched in the United States in late 2005, and in Canada in early 2007.

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Amp'd Mobile was a Mobile Virtual Network Operator offering 3G voice and data services over the Verizon Wireless EV-DO network, including text and picture messaging, push-to-talk, and over-the-air downloadable applications and content from its Amp'd Live service.

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Amp'd Mobile managed the marketing and multimedia content, while Telus Mobility handled the billing, customer care, retail aspects, and network.

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Amp'd Mobile phones were CDMA devices, it is very difficult to activate them on a cellular network today.

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Amp'd Mobile claimed that customers "will need to replace" their phones and service via Telus Mobility at no extra charge with a $300 credit.

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Amp'd Mobile filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection June 1,2007.

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On July 24,2007, Amp'd Mobile website updated its FAQ with potential service disconnection pushed back to July 31,2007.

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Prexar Amp'd Mobile is itself out of business, the website is no longer up and running.

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On July 26,2007 Amp'd Mobile sent a text message which gave additional information on how bankruptcy will affect its subscribers agreement.

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Amp'd Mobile sponsored an up-and-coming talented beatboxer known as "nemesis" he had downloadable content on the Amp'd Live network where he gave beatboxing lessons and conducted on camera celebrity interviews and red carpet events, he hosted many events for Amp'd Mobile and was sponsored from 2005 through 2007.

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Amp'd Mobile was a prominent advertiser at Ultimate Fighting Championship events.

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Amp'd Mobile was the title sponsor for the American Motorcyclist Association Supercross series for 2006 and 2007.

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Amp'd Mobile was a personal sponsor of Chad Reed and other professional Motocross riders.

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