24 Facts About Ampareen Lyngdoh


Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh was born on May 5,1965 and is an Indian politician who has served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Indian state of Meghalaya since 2008.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh currently serves as the Chairperson of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly's Committee for Empowerment of Women.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh served as the working president of the Indian National Congress in the state of Meghalaya until 2022.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh was the sole female member of the house in the 60 member Meghalaya Legislative Assembly from 2008 to 2013.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh is the daughter of Peter G Marbaniang and Q E Lyngdoh.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh's father was a Member of Parliament and Speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh's brother, Robert Garnett Lyngdoh was a member of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly who served as the Home Minister in the Government of Meghalaya.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh pursued her undergraduate degree in English at the Jesus and Mary College at the University of Delhi.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh graduated from Jamia Milia Islamia University in 1990 with a master's degree in Mass Communication.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh was a professor of Mass Communications at St Anthony's College, Shillong where she was the head of the Department of Mass Communication.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh started her political career as a member of the Indian Youth Congress, and was closely involved in the election campaigns of her father, Peter G Marbaniang and her brother Robert G Lyngdoh before joining active politics.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh briefly joined the United Democratic Party in 2008 after the Indian National Congress refused to give her a ticket to contest the 2008 state Assembly elections.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh defeated Malcom B Tariang, who fought the election as an independent candidate.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh met Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, after which she resigned from the United Democratic Party and the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly on 31 March 2009.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh re-joined the Congress, her party rewarding her by making her the state's minister for education, although she was no longer a legislator.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh was the only female legislator in the Meghalaya Assembly from 2008 to 2013.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh was appointed as President of the Meghalaya chapter of the All India Professionals Congress in August, 2018.

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In February 2022, A group of 5 Indian National Congress MLAs led by Ampareen Lyngdoh gave their support to the Conrad Sangma National People's Party Bharatiya Janata Party backed government.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh currently serves as an independent Member of Legislative Assembly.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh was the Chairman of the Meghalaya Urban Development Agency while holding the Urban Development portfolio.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh is the Chairperson of the Meghalaya Assembly Standing Committee for the Empowerment of Women and a member of the Assembly Committee for Welfare of Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and Other Backward Classes.

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In 2017, the High Court of Meghalaya cancelled the appointment of 365 teachers who were appointed in Government lower primary schools after allegations of irregularities in the selection process which were conducted in 2010 when Ampareen Lyngdoh was the state's minister for education purportedly involved many politicians from the state.

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In 2008 Ampareen Lyngdoh contested the Laitumkhrah constituency as a UDP candidate, winning her first election to the state assembly.

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Ampareen Lyngdoh defeated former Deputy Chief Minister Bindo M Lanong of the UDP.

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