110 Facts About Amy Adams


Amy Lou Adams was born on August 20,1974 and is an American actress.


Amy Adams has received various accolades, including two Golden Globe Awards, in addition to nominations for six Academy Awards, seven British Academy Film Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards.


Amy Adams made guest appearances in television and took on "mean girl" parts in low-budget feature films.


The musical fantasy film Enchanted, in which Amy Adams played a cheerful princess-to-be, was her first success as a leading lady.


Amy Adams followed this by playing other naive, optimistic women in films like the drama Doubt, and subsequently played more assertive parts to positive reviews in the sports film The Fighter and the psychological drama The Master.


Amy Adams won two consecutive Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress for playing a seductive con artist in the crime film American Hustle and the painter Margaret Keane in the biopic Big Eyes.


Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy, to American parents Kathryn and Richard Amy Adams, when her father was stationed with the US Army at the Caserma Ederle military complex.

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Amy Adams has described going to her father's shows and drinking Shirley Temples at the bar as among her fondest childhood memories.


Amy Adams was enthusiastic about the plays and always played the lead.


Amy Adams was raised as a Mormon until her parents divorced in 1985 and left the church.


Amy Adams did not have strong religious beliefs, but has said that she valued her upbringing for teaching her love and compassion.


Amy Adams's mother became a semi-professional bodybuilder who took the children with her to the gym when she trained.


Amy Adams has compared her uninhibited early years with her siblings to Lord of the Flies.


Amy Adams was not academically inclined, but was interested in the creative arts and sang in the school choir.


Amy Adams competed in track and gymnastics, harbored ambitions of becoming a ballerina, and trained as an apprentice at the local David Taylor Dance Company.


Amy Adams disliked high school and kept mostly to herself.


Amy Adams did not go to college, to her parents' disappointment, and she later regretted not pursuing higher education.


At age 18, Amy Adams realized she was not gifted enough to be a professional ballerina, and found musical theater more to her taste.


Amy Adams worked as a waitress at Hooters, but left the job after she saved enough money to buy a used car.


Amy Adams began her professional career as a dancer in a 1994 dinner theater production of A Chorus Line in Boulder, Colorado.


Amy Adams enjoyed singing and dancing, but disliked waitressing and ran into trouble when a fellow dancer, whom she considered a friend, made false accusations about her to the director.


Amy Adams moved to Chanhassen, Minnesota, where she performed in the theater for the next three years.


Amy Adams loved the "security and schedule" of the job, and has said that she learned tremendously from it.


Amy Adams was cast in the supporting part of a promiscuous cheerleader.


Amy Adams felt that her character's personality was far removed from her own and worried about how people would perceive her.

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Amy Adams described her initial experience in the city as "dark" and "bleak", and she pined for her life back in Chanhassen.


In Los Angeles, Amy Adams auditioned for whatever parts came her way, but she was mostly given roles of "the bitchy girl".


Amy Adams later said a controversial scene in which her character encourages a girl to masturbate on a horse was the primary reason for its cancellation.


Club wrote that Amy Adams plays her "alpha-bitch role with vicious glee largely missing from Sarah Michelle Gellar's sterile take on the character".


Amy Adams next had a supporting role as the teenage nemesis of a movie star in Psycho Beach Party, a horror parody of beach party and slasher films.


Amy Adams played the part as a homage to actress Ann-Margret.


From 2000 to 2002, Amy Adams appeared in guest roles in several television series, including That '70s Show, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville, and The West Wing.


Amy Adams played Brenda Strong, a nurse with whom Frank Abagnale Jr.


Amy Adams was unemployed for a year after its release, leading her to almost quit film acting.


Amy Adams instead enrolled in acting classes, realizing that she had "a lot to learn and a lot of self-growth to work through".


Amy Adams connected with Johnsten's faith in God and spent time with Morrison in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where the film is set, attending church.


Amy Adams described making the film as "the summer I grew into myself", and after dyeing her hair red for the role, she decided not to go back to her natural blonde color.


Junebug premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, where Amy Adams won a special jury prize.


Tim Robey of The Daily Telegraph labeled the film a "small, quiet miracle" and wrote that Amy Adams had given "one of the most delicately funny and heartbreaking performances it's ever been my pleasure to review".


Amy Adams had a minor role in the workplace comedy The Ex, starring Zach Braff and Amanda Peet.


Amy Adams was among 250 actresses who auditioned for the high-profile role; the studio had favored the casting of a bigger star, but the director Kevin Lima insisted on Adams due to her commitment to the part and her ability to be nonjudgmental about Giselle's personality.


Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter credited Amy Adams for being "sweetly savvy" in her part, while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian was disappointed to see her talent wasted in a role he considered to be of minimal importance.


Amy Adams was drawn to the idea of playing someone who constantly tries to better herself.


Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle found Amy Adams to be "magical", adding that she "gives us a portrait of raging want beneath a veneer of surface diffidence".


Amy Adams next starred in Doubt, an adaptation of John Patrick Shanley's play of the same name.

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Amy Adams identified with her character's ability to find the best in people, and described her collaboration with Streep and Hoffman as a "master class" in acting.


Amy Adams was nominated for the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress.


Amy Adams enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education to prepare for the part.


Carrie Rickey of The Philadelphia Inquirer thought the film was "as delicious as French cuisine" and found Amy Adams to be "at her most winsome".


Amy Adams began the new decade with a leading role opposite Matthew Goode in the romantic comedy Leap Year, which critic Richard Roeper believed was saved from "truly awful status" by Amy Adams's presence.


Amy Adams enrolled in an exotic dance class by trainer Sheila Kelley to find her character's eroticism.


Amy Adams expressed a desire to play more dramatic roles in the future.


Amy Adams agreed to the month-long production to "take on a challenge that seemed insurmountable", though she was overwhelmed and intimidated by it.


Amy Adams prepared with a private singing coach, but her film schedule enabled her to spend only four weeks in rehearsal.


Ben Brantley, The New York Times theater critic, praised Amy Adams's "lucidly spoken and sung performance" but criticized her for lacking "the nervy, dissatisfied restlessness" of her part.


Amy Adams took another "fierce woman" part in Paul Thomas Anderson's psychological drama The Master.


Amy Adams played Peggy Dodd, the ruthless and manipulative wife of the leader of a cult.


The organization depicted in the film was deemed by journalists to be based on Scientology; Amy Adams considered the comparison to be misleading but was glad for the attention it brought to the film.


Once again, Amy Adams received Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations for her supporting role.


Amy Adams admired Eastwood's "warm and generous" personality and was pleased with the collaboration.


Amy Adams prepared for the part by learning to catch, pitch, and swing from a baseball coach.


The film received mixed reviews, and Roger Ebert took note of how Amy Adams had made a standard role seem valuable.


Amy Adams played the brief part of a drug addict in On the Road, an ensemble drama based on Jack Kerouac's novel of the same name.


Amy Adams played Lane with a mixture of toughness and vulnerability, but Peter Bradshaw found the character "sketchily conceived" and criticized the actress' lack of chemistry with Cavill.


Amy Adams next featured in Her, a drama from writer-director Spike Jonze about a lonely man who falls in love with an artificial intelligence ; she played his close friend.

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Amy Adams was drawn to the idea of portraying a platonic male-female friendship, which she believed was rare in film.


Amy Adams collaborated closely with Bale to build their characters and made off-screen suggestions to Russell, including for a scene in which she is aggressively kissed on the lips by her lover's wife.


American Hustle was critically acclaimed; Manohla Dargis of The New York Times believed Amy Adams "goes deeper here than she's ever been allowed to", adding that she had successfully "turn[ed] an unpredictable character into a thrillingly wild one".


Amy Adams won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and received her fifth Oscar nomination.


The birth of her daughter in 2010 prompted Amy Adams to find strength in the passive character, and she drew on real-life experiences where she had not stood up for herself.


Amy Adams won a second consecutive Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and received a BAFTA nomination for Best Actress.


Amy Adams first reprised the role of Lois Lane in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which marked the second installment in the DC Extended Universe after Man of Steel.


Amy Adams found little resemblance between herself and the "poised" and "aloof" Susan, and modeled the character's personality on that of Ford.


Amy Adams was drawn to the idea of playing an intellectual female lead, and connected with the film's theme of unity and compassion.


Amy Adams watched documentaries on linguistics in preparation for the role.


Amy Adams played Lois Lane for the third time in Justice League, an ensemble film about the titular superheroes.


Tim Grierson of Screen International wrote that despite providing "emotional resonance" to the film, Amy Adams's talents had been wasted in a thankless supporting role.


Amy Adams returned to television in 2018 with Sharp Objects, an HBO miniseries based on Gillian Flynn's thriller novel of the same name.


Amy Adams served as an executive producer and starred as Camille Preaker, a self-harming reporter who returns to her hometown to cover the murder of two young girls.


Amy Adams gained weight for the part and, on days of filming, underwent three hours of prosthetic makeup to create her character's scarred body.


Amy Adams read A Bright Red Scream to learn about self-mutilation and researched the psychological condition of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.


Amy Adams found herself unable to distance herself from the dysfunctional role and experienced insomnia.


The series and Amy Adams's performance received critical acclaim; James Poniewozik of The New York Times praised the complex characterization of Preaker and called Amy Adams's performance "transfixing".


Amy Adams read Lynne's books in preparation; despite disagreeing with her political views, she approached the part with empathy and found a connection with her character's fortitude.


Amy Adams received Golden Globe nominations for her performances in both Sharp Objects and Vice; for the former, she received a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series and for the latter, she received her sixth Oscar and seventh BAFTA nominations.

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Amy Adams began the new decade with the drama Hillbilly Elegy, based on the book of the same name by JD Vance.


Amy Adams next starred as an agoraphobic murder witness in Joe Wright's thriller The Woman in the Window, based on the novel of the same name.


Amy Adams then took on the supporting role of a grieving mother in Dear Evan Hansen, a film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name.


In 2022, Amy Adams made her first appearance in West End theatre in a revival of The Glass Menagerie at the Duke of York's Theatre.


Amy Adams played Amanda, a matriarch struggling to raise her children, for which she drew on her own mother's fierce and determined personality.


Amy Adams then reprised her role as Giselle in the sequel to Enchanted, titled Disenchanted, which premiered on Disney+.


Critics took note of Amy Adams' enduring charm but considered the sequel inferior to its predecessor.


Amy Adams formed her own production company named Bond Group Entertainment with her manager Stacy O'Neil in 2019.


Amy Adams has several literary adaptations under development, including a film adaptation of the satirical novel Nightbitch starring Adams.


Amy Adams uses an acting method Loughlin has taught her, in which she attempts to understand her character's psychology by creating the character's backstory from age three.


Amy Adams prefers to work with confident directors who give her space to think for herself.


Amy Adams stays in character during filming, and finds it difficult to detach herself from roles and accents.


Amy Adams is not influenced by the size of a role and is drawn to both leading and supporting parts.


Amy Adams received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.


Amy Adams was named one of the most beautiful people in America by Elle in 2011, and several publications have featured her red carpet appearances in their listings of best-dressed celebrities.


Amy Adams advertised Lacoste's fragrance Eau de Lacoste in 2012, and two years later, she endorsed accessories and handbags of Max Mara.


Amy Adams met actor and painter Darren Le Gallo at an acting class in 2001, and they began dating a year later while collaborating on a short film titled Pennies.


Amy Adams said in 2016 that she appreciates the numerous sacrifices Le Gallo had made as the primary caregiver for their family.


Amy Adams has described her family life as "pretty low-key", and has said that her routine involves going to work, taking her daughter to the park, and having weekly date nights with her husband.


Amy Adams finds little value in being a celebrity and maintains that the "more that people know about me, the less they'll believe me and my characters".

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Amy Adams makes an effort to remain unaffected by her fame, believing that it would hinder her ability to play roles with honesty.


Amy Adams has spoken about suffering from insecurity and a lack of confidence from a young age and how motherhood had made her calmer.


Amy Adams has joined other actors in calling for equal pay for women in the film industry, but she finds that actresses are too often asked to explain the gender pay gap and feels the questions should be directed instead to producers.


Amy Adams is an ambassador for The RightWay Foundation, a charity that provides employment and mental health services to former foster youth.


Amy Adams has twice won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical, for American Hustle and Big Eyes, and has been nominated seven more times: Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for Enchanted, Best Supporting Actress for Doubt, The Fighter, The Master, and Vice, Best Actress in a Drama for Arrival, and Best Actress in a Miniseries for Sharp Objects.