22 Facts About Amy Fisher


Amy Fisher became increasingly jealous of Buttafuoco's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco.


When Mary Jo Buttafuoco answered the door, Amy Fisher told her that Joey Buttafuoco was having an affair with Amy Fisher's younger sister, providing a T-shirt advertising Buttafuoco's auto body shop as "proof".


Amy Fisher finally told Fisher to leave and then turned her back to return to the house.


Amy Fisher took out the gun, struck Buttafuoco twice with it, then shot her in the head; she later said the severely wounded Buttafuoco fell on her.


Amy Fisher dropped both the shirt and the gun and ran towards the car, but then returned for them and Guagenti drove off.


When interviewed by police, Joey Buttafuoco told them that Amy Fisher could be the shooter.


Amy Fisher was arrested and charged with attempted murder, and on September 23,1992, after accepting a plea bargain, she pleaded guilty to first-degree assault.


Amy Fisher explained that her lawyer believed requiring people to be married for such visits was unconstitutional and that she intended to challenge the law on this matter.


On December 2,1992, Amy Fisher was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison.


Amy Fisher served seven years and was granted parole in May 1999 after Nassau County Court Judge Ira Wexner shortened her maximum sentence to 10 years, which made her immediately eligible for parole.


Wexner acted after having found that Amy Fisher had not been appropriately represented by her lawyer at the time of her 1992 guilty plea.


In 2006, Amy Fisher reunited with Mary Jo Buttafuoco in sessions televised for Entertainment Tonight and its spinoff, The Insider.


Amy Fisher said she wanted to heal and move on with her life.


In May 2007, Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco met for dinner in Port Jefferson, Long Island, in what TV producer David Krieff said was an attempt to develop a reality-television show.


In June and July 2011 Amy Fisher appeared as a cast member in the fifth season of the reality-television series Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew, which aired on VH1.


On October 31, frames from the video, showing Amy Fisher naked, were posted at websites; on November 1,2007, a teaser clip was released by Red Light District Video, showing Amy Fisher naked while she showered and sunbathed.


On November 6,2007, Amy Fisher sued Red Light District and its owner, David Joseph, claiming copyright infringement and other damages.


In early January 2008, Amy Fisher announced that she had settled with Red Light and agreed to do a related promotional appearance.


On March 6,2008, Amy Fisher was a guest on the Stern show, and one topic of discussion was meant to be her video.


Amy Fisher signed a deal with Lee Entertainment to become a stripper doing club shows at least once a month.


Amy Fisher had announced the movie in July 2010 under the working title The Making of Amy Fisher: Porn Star.


In June 2011, Amy Fisher said she was no longer making adult films.