11 Facts About Amy Robach


Amy Joanne Robach was born on February 6,1973 and is an American television reporter for ABC News.

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Amy Robach'sfamily moved again to Georgia, where she attended high school and college.

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Amy Robach initially appeared on ABC's Good Morning America as a correspondent.

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Amy Robach's comments came just two days after an NPR story disclosed the existence of an on-camera interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre and ABC's failure to broadcast it.

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Amy Robach further stated: “One of the reasons an interview with Roberts was not broadcast was because, we were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview Kate and Will, so I think that had quashed the story.

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Amy Robach is a cousin of former Nashville Star contestant Matt Lindahl.

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Amy Robach was married to Tim McIntosh from 1996 until filing for an uncontested divorce in 2008.

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Amy Robach became engaged to former Melrose Place star Andrew Shue in September 2009, after meeting him at a book party the previous April.

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Amy Robach has three stepsons from her marriage to Andrew Shue, Nate Aidan and Wyatt .

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On November 11,2013, Amy Robach revealed on Good Morning America that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving a mammogram on live television on October 1,2013, and after undergoing follow-up tests.

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On November 22,2013, Amy Robach revealed that during the surgery, doctors found a second malignant tumor in her other breast and that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes .

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