21 Facts About Amy Smart


Amy Smart garnered widespread recognition after appearing in the mainstream teen drama Varsity Blues, as well as for her recurring role as Ruby on the television series Felicity .

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Amy Smart had a lead role opposite Ashton Kutcher in the sci-fi drama The Butterfly Effect .

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Amy Smart co-starred with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris in Just Friends, followed by the sports drama Peaceful Warrior .

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Amy Smart subsequently starred in Tyler Perry's comedy The Single Moms Club .

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Amy Smart was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Topanga Canyon.

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Amy Smart studied ballet for ten years, and graduated from Palisades Charter High School.

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Amy Smart had a minor role in Paul Verhoeven's science fiction thriller Starship Troopers as a copilot, and a starring role in the miniseries The 70s, playing a young woman from Ohio.

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In 1999, Amy Smart played the girlfriend of a popular American football player in the film Varsity Blues, reuniting her with Larter.

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From 1999 to 2001 Amy Smart played Ruby, a recurring character on the series Felicity.

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In 2003, Amy Smart had a small role in the American sitcom Scrubs, playing Jamie Moyer.

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In 2005, Amy Smart co-starred with Ryan Reynolds in the romantic comedy film Just Friends, playing the high school friend of a previously overweight young man who, years later, returns to her hometown and attempts to confess his love for her.

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Amy Smart had a lead role in the independent drama Bigger Than the Sky, a loose adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac.

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Amy Smart reprised the role in the sequel, Crank: High Voltage, released in 2009.

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Amy Smart was a regular cast member in the short-lived 2006 CBS television series Smith, playing a professional burglar.

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Amy Smart has voiced characters in the animated series Robot Chicken, created by Seth Green.

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Amy Smart appeared as Joy in the 2006 sports drama Peaceful Warrior, about a gymnast whose life changes after an encounter with a spiritual guide.

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Amy Smart starred as Melissa in the 2008 independent horror film Seventh Moon, and had a supporting role in Alexandre Aja's supernatural thriller Mirrors .

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In March 2011, Amy Smart joined the Showtime comedy-drama Shameless as recurring character Jasmine Hollander.

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In 2014, Amy Smart appeared in the Tyler Perry comedy The Single Moms Club, followed by the thriller Hangman .

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Amy Smart appeared in two episodes of the IFC series Maron, portraying Nina.

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Amy Smart is the subject of the Last Letters song "I Love You, Amy Smart".

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