12 Facts About Amy Vilela


Amy Lynnette Vilela was born on 1974 or 1975 and is an American politician from the state of Nevada.

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Amy Vilela worked as an accountant before becoming an advocate for single-payer healthcare, known as Medicare for All, after her daughter was turned away from a hospital and died of a heart attack because the hospital thought she lacked health insurance.

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Amy Vilela's father was an ironworker and her mother was a secretary.

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Amy Vilela ended up homeless while raising her children, and used public assistance.

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Amy Vilela earned a bachelor's degree in business and accounting from Park University in Missouri.

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Amy Vilela became the chief financial officer of the Tammy Lynn Center, a nonprofit organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Amy Vilela then became the chief financial officer at Foresee Consulting, a construction management consulting firm.

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In 2018, Amy Vilela ran in the Democratic Party primary election for the United States House of Representatives for, which was held by Ruben Kihuen.

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Amy Vilela met Kihuen at a forum in 2017, where he declined to support Medicare for All.

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In January 2021, Amy Vilela announced that she would run for in the 2022 elections, held by fellow Democrat Dina Titus.

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Amy Vilela married David, a United States Air Force officer, in 2009.

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Amy Vilela had presented to Centennial Hills Hospital with the symptoms of a deep vein thrombosis.

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