19 Facts About An Wang


An Wang's father taught English at an elementary school outside Shanghai, while his mother Zen Wan Wang was a homemaker.


An Wang graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a degree in electrical engineering in 1940.


An Wang immigrated to the United States in June 1945 to attend Harvard University for graduate school, earning a PhD in applied physics in 1948.


An Wang coinvented the pulse transfer controlling device with Way-Dong Woo, a schoolmate from China who fell ill before their patent was issued.


Harvard reduced its commitment to computer research in 1951, prompting An Wang to start his own engineering business.


An Wang founded An Wang Laboratories in June 1951 as a sole proprietorship.


In 1955, when the core memory patent was issued, An Wang sold it to IBM for and incorporated An Wang Laboratories with Ge-Yao Chu, a schoolmate.


An Wang began making desktop electronic calculators with digital displays, including a centralised calculator with remote terminals for group use.


The An Wang 2200 was one of the first desktop computers with a large CRT display and ran a fast hardwired BASIC interpreter.


Hard times ensued for the company and the elder An Wang was eventually forced to remove his son in 1989.


An Wang founded the Wang Institute of Graduate Studies in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, which offered a graduate program in software engineering.


An Wang made substantial donations to this organization, including the proceeds of his autobiography, Lessons.


However, enrollment remained low, and in 1987, after nearly a decade of operation, An Wang decided to discontinue funding the institution and transferred ownership of the campus to Boston University.


An Wang made a substantial contribution for the restoration of a Boston landmark, which was then called the Metropolitan Theatre.


An Wang donated $4 million to Massachusetts General Hospital's ambulatory care center, which was renamed to the An Wang Building.


An Wang was one of twelve recipients of the Medal of Liberty in 1986.


An Wang was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1988.


Lorraine An Wang died on March 1,2016, at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts.


An Wang is known for a number of pithy aphorisms summing up principles based on his experience in business and life.