26 Facts About Ana Guerra


Ana Alicia Guerra Morales was born on 18 February 1994, and better known as Ana Guerra, is a Spanish pop singer.

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Ana Guerra gained national recognition when she took part in series nine of the reality television talent competition Operacion Triunfo, where she finished in fifth place.

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Ana Guerra was a candidate to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, with two songs, "El remedio", and a duet with fellow contestant Aitana Ocana entitled "Lo malo".

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Ana Alicia Guerra Morales was born on 18 February 1994 in San Cristobal de La Laguna, Tenerife, in the Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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Ana Guerra is the daughter of Antonio Guerra, a nurse, and Fatima Morales.

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Ana Guerra's name is in honor of the Mexican-American actress, Ana Alicia, since her parents liked the American series Falcon Crest.

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Ana Guerra studied transverse flute for eight years at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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Later, Ana Guerra worked as a perfume consultant, waitress, and actress in musicals.

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Ana Guerra auditioned for series 9 of Operacion Triunfo and was selected to enter the show's "Academy" on 23 October 2017.

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In Operacion Triunfo, Guerra competed to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the entries "El remedio", which she performed solo, and "Lo malo", which she performed in a duet with Aitana.

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On 6 July 2018, Ana Guerra released a single with Juan Magan titled "Ni la hora".

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Also at the beginning of that year, Ana participated as guest artist in David Bustamante's new album entitled "Heroes en tiempos de Guerra", specifically in the song "Desde que te vi".

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Ana Guerra had already sung with Bustamante live at the Caminando Juntos concert at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid in June 2018.

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Ana Guerra appeared along Roi Mendez in the second episode of 99 lugares donde pasar miedo, aired on 4 May 2019 on Discovery MAX, where they visited the Loch Ness, Comlongon Castle and Greyfriars Kirkyard.

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Between September 2019 and January 2020, Ana Guerra toured 16 cities across Spain with her fellow Operacion Triunfo castmate Luis Cepeda on the ImaginBank tour.

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Also during that year, Ana Guerra shared the stage with Spanish-language music stars like Alejandro Sanz and Juan Luis Ana Guerra.

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Ana Guerra cites Juan Luis Ana Guerra, Michael Buble and Luis Miguel as her influences.

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Ana Guerra will performed with Aitana and Greeicy the song Lo malo during Premio Lo Nuestro 2019 in Miami.

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From 2014 to June 2018, Ana Guerra was in a relationship with the singer, Javier Luis Delgado, better known as Jadel, who won the talent show El Numero Uno in 2012.

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From 2018 to 2020, Ana Guerra was in a relationship with the actor, Miguel Angel Munoz.

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Since 2022, Ana Guerra is in a relationship with the actor, singer, musician and musical director, Victor Elias.

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Ana Guerra became the image of the Spanish cosmetic brand Camaleon Cosmetic in June 2018.

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Ana Guerra sang with Aitana, Lola Indigo, Raoul Vazquez and Agoney for the Coca-Cola advertising campaign for Christmas.

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In September 2019, Ana Guerra was announced as the face of a 2020 collection from the wedding dress company Pronovias.

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In September 2020, Ana Guerra covers the song by Raffaella Carra entitled En el amor todo es empezar, and which was the soundtrack of the Spanish film Explota, explota.

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On 8 January 2022, Ana Guerra was one of the singers participating in the solidarity concert Mas fuerte que el volcan, which was organized by Television Espanola in order to raise funds for those affected by the 2021 Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption.

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