10 Facts About Ana Torroja


Ana Torroja was the lead singer of the pop trio Mecano, considered one of the most popular pop bands from Spain during the 1980s and 1990s.


Ana Torroja met Jose Maria Cano while studying economics at university.


Ana Torroja eventually settled in New York and took dance classes.


Ana Torroja then took part in the recording of the disc Duetos 2 by the Mexican artist Armando Manzanero, with whom she recorded the song "Nada personal".


Ana Torroja dueted with Syntek on the song "Duele el Amor", which was a major commercial success.


In 2006, Ana Torroja released a new studio album called Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, produced by Syntek.


In 2008, Ana Torroja decided to work with Schiller, singing Por que te vas, which went to Number One in the Sehnsucht album charts in.

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On 17 May 2008, Ana Torroja was invited by Aleks Syntek to take part in the macro concert of the Fundacion ALAS, in aid of children in Latin America.


Ana Torroja's music has managed to spread further than just France and Germany.


In October 2010 Ana Torroja released Sonrisa, her fifth original studio album in Spanish.