14 Facts About Anaheim Angels

1. The Anaheim Angels made the play-offs again in 1982 and 1986, but the team failed to advance to the World Series each season after losing series leads of two games to none and three games to one, respectively.

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2. The Anaheim Angels were originally based in Los Angeles and were owned by "Singing Cowboy" Gene Autry.

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3. The Anaheim Angels won a World Series title in 2002, their first appearance in the "Fall Classic.

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4. The Anaheim Angels will be Lucroy's fifth team in four seasons.

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5. The Anaheim Angels had announced in November 2009 that Markas and Mark Gubicza would broadcast Angels' televised games, with Terry Smith and Jose Mota handling the radio side.

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6. The Anaheim Angels used this logo from 1993 to 1996, during that time, the "CA" was either on top of a blue circle or with nothing else.

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7. In 1986, the Anaheim Angels adopted the "big A" on top of a baseball as their new logo, with the shadow of California in the background.

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8. Los Angeles Anaheim Angels have used ten different logos and three different color combinations throughout their history.

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9. In 2009, the Anaheim Angels were voted the number one franchise in professional sports in Fan Value by ESPN magazine.

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10. In 2014, the Anaheim Angels were fifth in the MLB in attendance, with a total of 3,095,935 people.

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11. From 2007 to 2009, the Anaheim Angels reached the post-season each year, sparking a renewal of the Rally Monkey's popularity.

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12. The Anaheim Angels were one of two expansion teams established as a result of the 1961 Major League Baseball expansion, along with the second incarnation of the Washington Senators.

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13. The Anaheim Angels have played home games at Angel Stadium since 1966.

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14. Los Angeles Anaheim Angels are an American professional baseball franchise based in Anaheim, California.

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