12 Facts About Anaheim Stadium


Angel Stadium of Anaheim, originally known as Anaheim Stadium, later Edison International Field of Anaheim, and commonly referred to as just Angel Stadium, is a baseball stadium located in Anaheim, California.

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Anaheim Stadium is often referred to by its unofficial nickname The Big A, coined by Herald Examiner Sports Editor, Bud Furillo.

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Angel Anaheim Stadium has been the home of the Angels since their move from Los Angeles.

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In December 2019, the city of Anaheim agreed to sell the stadium and surrounding land to an Arte Moreno-affiliated management company for $325 million, with the team committed to remain in Anaheim until at least 2050, with options to remain until at least 2065.

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Anaheim Stadium was host to the 1967 MLB All-Star Game, the first All-Star Game to be played on prime-time television.

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Angel Anaheim Stadium hosted several games during Round 2 of the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

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Anaheim Stadium is currently designated to host softball and baseball events for the 2028 Summer Olympics along with Dodger Anaheim Stadium.

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Anaheim Stadium hosted five group stage matches of the 1996 CONCACAF Gold Cup, including two involving the United States national team.

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On November 16,1979, Anaheim Stadium hosted Motorcycle speedway when it was the venue for the American Final, a qualifying round for the 1980 Speedway World Championship.

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Anaheim Stadium has hosted an AMA Supercross Championship round from 1976 to 1979,1981 to 1987,1989 to 1996, and 1999 to the present.

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Anaheim Stadium is host to Monster Jam, which hosts several shows every year.

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Angel Anaheim Stadium has been the site of annual Christian Harvest Crusades since 1990.

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