14 Facts About Anand Sharma


Anand Sharma was born on 5 January 1953 and is an Indian politician and former Union Cabinet Minister in charge of Commerce and Industry and Textiles in the Government of India.


Since June 2014, Sharma was the Deputy Leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament till 2022.


Anand Sharma is the son of P A Sharma and Prabha Rani Sharma and was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.


Anand Sharma was a prominent leader in the student and youth movement in India, a founder member of the Congress Party's students wing the NSUI.


Anand Sharma was a former President of the Indian Youth Congress.


Anand Sharma asserts that the country needed investment in the manufacturing sector and the cost of credit must be brought down for this purpose.


In February 2012, Anand Sharma led a business delegation of more than 120 people to Pakistan for improving trade ties.


Anand Sharma, was instrumental in making of India's first National Manufacturing policy in 2011, with the objective to raise the share of manufacturing from 16 to 25 percent of GDP and creation of 100 million skilled jobs in a decade.


Anand Sharma gave a forward looking Foreign Trade Policy ensuring its stability and predictability.


Anand Sharma is credited with playing a critical leadership note at the IXth WTO Ministerial Meeting in Bali in December, 2013 and its successful outcome defending the right of India and the developing countries, to public stock holding of food grain for Food Security; he remained steadfast in negotiating a solution to end the impasse.


Anand Sharma was actively associated in negotiation and build a global consensus for historic Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation Agreement 2008 which ended decades of India's isolation and integration with the global mainstream for nuclear research and cooperation.


Anand Sharma made a notable contribution in the successful convening of an International Conference in Delhi in November, 2014, to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru- Independent India's first Prime Minister and an acknowledged World Statesman.


Anand Sharma edited the historic Commemorative book " Remembering Jawaharlal Nehru", which has been universally acclaimed.


Anand Sharma is associated with a number of social and sports organizations and an all India NGO in disability sector.