13 Facts About Anarcho-capitalism


Anarcho-capitalism is an anti-statist libertarian political philosophy and economic theory that seeks to abolish centralized states in favor of stateless societies with systems of private property enforced by private agencies, the non-aggression principle, free markets and the right-libertarian interpretation of self-ownership, which extends the concept to include control of private property as part of the self.

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Anarcho-capitalism is distinguished from minarchism, which advocates a night-watchman state limited to protecting individuals from aggression and enforcing private property.

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Anarcho-capitalism is distinguished from anarchism, an anti-capitalist movement that opposes unnecessary coercion and hierarchy, and social anarchism, a branch of anarchism that sees individual freedom as interrelated with mutual aid.

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Anarcho-capitalism's labor has been irretrievably mixed with the land, and the land is therefore his or his assigns' in perpetuity".

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Anarcho-capitalism as proposed by Murray Rothbard advocates the ownership of children and their sale.

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Anarcho-capitalism continues: "State capitalism inevitably creates all sorts of problems which become insoluble".

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Anarcho-capitalism said that Gustave de Molinari was proposing a doctrine of the private production of security, a position which was later taken up by Murray Rothbard.

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Anarcho-capitalism says that anarcho-capitalists "simply replaced the state with private security firms, and can hardly be described as anarchists as the term is normally understood".

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Anarcho-capitalism therefore argues that anarcho-capitalism is inherently unstable, and would evolve, entirely through the operation of free market forces, into either a single dominant private court with a natural monopoly of justice over the territory, a society of multiple city states, each with a territorial monopoly, or a 'pure anarchy' that would rapidly descend into chaos.

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Anarcho-capitalism argues that defense agencies could form cartels and oppress people without fear of competition.

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Anarcho-capitalism contends that it "is only possible to conceive of Anarchism which is free, communistic and offering no economic necessity for repression of countering it".

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Anarcho-capitalism argues that anarcho-capitalism results in an unstable system that would not endure in the real world.

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Anarcho-capitalism, in my opinion, is a doctrinal system that, if ever implemented, would lead to forms of tyranny and oppression that have few counterparts in human history.

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