12 Facts About Anatol Lieven


Anatol Lieven is a British author, journalist, and policy analyst best known for his expertise on the Taliban of Afghanistan.


Anatol Lieven is currently a visiting professor at King's College London and senior fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.


Anatol Lieven is a contributor to the Valdai Discussion Club.


Peter Paul Anatol Lieven was born on 28 June 1960 in London to Alexander and Veronica Eileen Mary Lieven.


Anatol Lieven is the brother of Elena, Dominic, Michael, and Dame Nathalie Lieven.


Anatol Lieven received a BA in history and a PhD in political science from Jesus College, Cambridge.


In 1996, Anatol Lieven became a visiting senior fellow at the US Institute of Peace through 1997.


Anatol Lieven has spoken as an expert to the British Parliament and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United States Congress and United States Department of State, and the French Foreign Ministry, as well as universities and institutes.


In 2000 through 2005, Anatol Lieven was a senior associate for foreign and security policy at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


Anatol Lieven served as chair of International Relations and Terrorism Studies at King's College London, where he remains a visiting professor.


In 2006, Anatol Lieven became a professor at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service at its campus in Qatar.


Since 2005, Lieven has been a senior researcher at the New America Foundation, where he focuses on US global strategy and the War on Terrorism.