13 Facts About Anders Tegnell


Nils Anders Tegnell was born on 17 April 1956 and is a Swedish civil servant and physician specialising in infectious disease.


Anders Tegnell was born in Uppsala and grew up in Linkoping, where he attended Katedralskolan.


Anders Tegnell studied medicine at Lund University in 1985, subsequently interning at the county hospital in Ostersund, and later specialised in infectious disease at Linkoping University Hospital.


Anders Tegnell was state epidemiologist of Sweden, a title granted by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, from 2013 until 2022.


Anders Tegnell was criticized for his role in the mass vaccination scheme of 5 million Swedes against swine flu, which caused about 500 children to develop narcolepsy.


Anders Tegnell was reported as saying of Pandemrix, the vaccine that had been known to cause neurological issues in the UK and was not approved by the US FDA, that it would have been highly unethical not to vaccinate people because hundreds of Swedes risked dying.


The strategy was commonly attributed to Anders Tegnell, who was quoted as saying:.

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On 21 April 2020, Anders Tegnell was interviewed by Marta Paterlini of Nature.


On 28 April 2020, Anders Tegnell was interviewed by Kim Hjelmgaard of USA Today.


Anders Tegnell had been frequently invited for interviews by opponents of lockdowns in US and UK media.


Anders Tegnell reportedly advised British prime minister Boris Johnson in September 2020, who is outside Johnson's usual circle of advisers, as the government debated introducing new restrictions in the UK.


In September 2021, Anders Tegnell said in an interview that he remained confident in Sweden's approach.


Anders Tegnell lives with his Dutch-born wife Margit in Vreta Kloster, from where he commutes daily to his work in Solna, Stockholm.