13 Facts About Andreas Kaplan


Andreas Marcus Kaplan was born on October 5,1977 and is Professor of Marketing at the ESCP Business School.


Andreas Kaplan is specialized in the areas of social media, viral marketing, and the digital world in general.


Andreas Kaplan's mother is Anneliese Kaplan and his father is Vincenc Kaplan.


Andreas Kaplan completed his Habilitation at the Sorbonne and his Ph.


Andreas Kaplan currently has the Dean's position of ESCP Business School Paris, Sorbonne Alliance.


Andreas Kaplan is founding member of the European Center for Digital Competitiveness.


Andreas Kaplan is fellow of the St George's House, and member of Kozminski University's Executive Education Advisory Board.


Particularly interested in the future of management education in Europe and the general business school landscape, Andreas Kaplan has furthermore written articles treating European management as well as higher education and their future evolution, notably with the digitization of the sector due to the arrival of MOOCs and SPOCs.


Andreas Kaplan furthermore is in favor of an EU commissioner for happiness.


Andreas Kaplan has teaching experience in top-tier schools and universities such as Harvard University, Sciences Po Paris, and Tsinghua University.


Andreas Kaplan started doing research in the areas of mass customization, innovation, customer lifetime valuation, and relationship marketing.


Andreas Kaplan received the annual Best Article Award from Business Horizons, sponsored by Elsevier, for his 2012 paper "If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4x4".


Andreas Kaplan is on the editorial board of the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing.