14 Facts About Andrew Anglin


Andrew Anglin was born on July 27,1984 and is an American neo-Nazi and conspiracy theorist, and editor of the website The Daily Stormer.

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Andrew Anglin was born in 1984, and grew up near Columbus, Ohio.

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In 2006, Anglin launched a conspiracy theory website, Outlaw Journalism, which he claims was modeled after the works of Alex Jones and Hunter S Thompson, whom Anglin admired.

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Andrew Anglin left the United States in 2007 and moved to Asia, which he described as an "awesome" experience where he developed "affinity for the Asian races".

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In 2008, after posting on Outlaw Journalism that the only way for humanity to survive was to return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, Andrew Anglin began traveling around Southeast Asia, eventually ending up in Davao City.

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In 2012, Andrew Anglin launched another website, Adventure Quest 2012, which discussed conspiracy theories such as the existence of reptilian humanoids.

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In July 2019, a judge issued a $14 million default judgment against Andrew Anglin, who is in hiding and has refused to appear in court.

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In October 2017, Andrew Anglin was named as a defendant in a case brought by nine Charlottesville residents following the Unite the Right rally in August 2017.

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Andrew Anglin was named alongside Robert "Azzmador" Ray as responsible for The Daily Stormer website, as well as Moonbase Holdings.

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Andrew Anglin had published fake images which purported to show Obeidallah celebrating the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

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Andrew Anglin alleges that Anglin had posted her name and picture, as well as links to her Facebook page and the Twitter account of the university's student government, and urged his readers to "troll storm" her, which resulted in many hate-filled and racist online messages directed at her.

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Andrew Anglin stated he agreed with the central tenets of Nazism in 2014, but had reservations over the revival of all aspects of Hitler's regime.

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Andrew Anglin has received criticism from some other white nationalist organizations, such as the website Counter-Currents, who deem The Daily Stormer lowbrow and do not like its troll-heavy approach.

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The Anti-Defamation League says that Andrew Anglin is controversial among white supremacists for his past relationships with Asian women, and for his misogyny, including towards white women.

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