20 Facts About Andrew Banks


Andrew Richard Banks was born on 30 November 1951 and is an English-Australian businessman and film producer.


Andrew Banks was one of the 'Sharks' on the television series Shark Tank.


Andrew Banks's father was a staff sergeant in the Medical Corps of the British Army.


Andrew Banks's mother was born in Vienna and grew up in Gdansk, Poland; she was fluent in six languages.


Andrew Banks completed a year and a half of exams in Applied Biology before getting a part-time job selling paintings door-to-door and progressed quickly to supervisor with the company, running an area office of ten teams.


Andrew Banks had small acting roles in television series Number 96 and the Old Tote Theatre Company's production of Macbeth at the Sydney Opera House in 1974.


Andrew Banks bought into the Red Pavilion Bar and Restaurant in Woolloomooloo, Sydney with restaurateur Soren Luno as partner.


Andrew Banks married his Australian girlfriend, Andrea in 1974 and following an overseas honeymoon, decided to pursue more stable employment.


Andrew Banks opened and established their new Brisbane office then returned to Sydney to manage both the Sydney and Brisbane offices until December 1984.


Andrew Banks spent three years in New York with TMP Worldwide as Global Director, responsible for over 50 acquisitions and 4,500 staff operating in 32 countries, before returning to Sydney in 2002.


In December 2003 Andrew Banks launched Talent2 International, an ASX-listed company with a focus on HR Outsourcing and Executive Search and Selection.


Andrew Banks served as an Advisor to the Search practice of the company until July 2015.


Andrew Banks has been investing in various types of companies in Australia since 1988, including property development and home apartment renovation, residential hotels, commercial property, as well as operating businesses such as Krispy Kreme Australia, a cosmetics distributor and an online recruiting entity.


In 2015 Andrew Banks appeared as one of the 'Sharks' on the inaugural season of Shark Tank where he invested in Bottlepops, Synxsole and the Hamdog.


Andrew Banks returned for 2016 Season Two of Shark Tank Australia as well as Season Three, which aired in 2017.


Andrew Banks has served as Chairman of the NIDA Foundation Trust, resigning in 2014 due to his move offshore.


Andrew Banks is founding partner and producer of production company, Lila 9th Productions, together with Cameron Lamb and the company is actively developing new projects.


Andrew Banks is a member of business leaders' group WPO following on from membership of YPO which he joined in 1988.


Together with Geoff Morgan, Andrew Banks has authored four books on recruiting:.


Andrew Banks resides with his wife in Sydney and is a frequent visitor to the US where his children and their families live.