15 Facts About Andrew Bergman


Andrew Bergman was born on February 20,1945 and is an American screenwriter, film director, and novelist.


Andrew Bergman wrote James Cagney: The Pictorial Treasury of Film Stars.


Andrew Bergman broke into the film industry by writing the original screenplay that served as the basis for Mel Brooks's classic Blazing Saddles, and was among the co-writers who adapted it into its final state.


Andrew Bergman was later the sole creator of the TV sitcom pilot adaptation called "Black Bart" starring Louis Gossett Jr.


Andrew Bergman wrote a gangster film Rhapsody in Crime that was never made.


Andrew Bergman wrote and directed The Freshman starring Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick and did a rewrite on Soapdish.


Andrew Bergman executive produced a number of movies including Chances Are, White Fang, Undercover Blues and Little Big League.


Andrew Bergman wrote and directed Honeymoon in Vegas starring Nicolas Cage, James Caan and Sarah Jessica Parker; and directed It Could Happen To You starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda.


Andrew Bergman wrote the initial draft for The Scout, although he says the resulting film is different from his version.


Andrew Bergman wrote and directed Striptease starring Demi Moore, and directed the Jacqueline Susann biopic Isn't She Great starring Bette Midler and Nathan Lane.


Andrew Bergman has written four novels: The Big Kiss-Off of 1944, Hollywood and LeVine, Tender Is LeVine, and Sleepless Nights.


Andrew Bergman wrote the Broadway comedy, Social Security, and Working Title.


The Andrew Bergman History Writing Prize is awarded by the University of Wisconsin.


In 2013, Andrew Bergman would go on to adapt his movie and write the book for the Honeymoon in Vegas Broadway musical, with music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown.


In 2007, Andrew Bergman received the Ian McLellan Hunter Award for Lifetime Achievement in Writing from the Writers Guild of America.