15 Facts About Andrew Cheung


Andrew Cheung Kui-nung is a Hong Kong judge who serves as the 3rd Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal.


Andrew Cheung previously served as a Permanent Judge of the same court.


Andrew Cheung was the 4th and longest-serving Chief Judge of the High Court.


Andrew Cheung served briefly as a Lecturer and Demonstrator of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong on a part-time basis after graduation.


Andrew Cheung was called to the Hong Kong Bar in 1985 as a pupil of Audrey Eu and began private practice the following year in the chambers of Henry Litton.


Andrew Cheung was appointed to the bench in 2001 as a judge of the District Court of Hong Kong.


Andrew Cheung was then appointed as the Probate Judge in 2004, before becoming the Judge in charge of the Constitutional and Administrative Law List of the High Court in 2008.


Andrew Cheung's tenure was marked by a number of high-profile rulings relating to constitutional and human rights matters.


In June 2011, Andrew Cheung succeeded Geoffrey Ma as the Chief Judge of the High Court and President of the Court of Appeal, making him the fourth local judge to hold this position.


Andrew Cheung was elected an Honorary Bencher of Lincoln's Inn in 2017.


Andrew Cheung's appointment was accompanied by the appointments of Baroness Hale and Beverley McLachlin as Non-Permanent Judges of the city's top court.


Andrew Cheung is a member of the Judicial Officers Recommendation Commission, which makes recommendations to the Chief Executive on judicial appointments.


Andrew Cheung is a member of the Law Reform Commission and chairs or is a member of various committees and working parties within the Judiciary.


Andrew Cheung was announced as the 3rd Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal on 24 March 2020, succeeding Geoffrey Ma.


Andrew Cheung is the first local law graduate to be appointed Hong Kong's Chief Justice.