23 Facts About Andrew Cunanan


Andrew Phillip Cunanan was an American spree killer who murdered five people over three months from April 27 to July 15,1997.

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Andrew Cunanan's victims include Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace and Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin.

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Youngest of four children, Andrew Phillip Cunanan was born August 31,1969, in National City, California, to Modesto "Pete" Dungao Cunanan, a Filipino-American, and Mary Anne Schillaci, an Italian-American.

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Andrew Cunanan was adept at changing his appearance according to what he felt was most attractive at a given moment.

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Andrew Cunanan identified as gay in high school, when he began having liaisons with wealthy older men.

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In 1988, when Andrew Cunanan was 19, his father deserted his family and moved to the Philippines to evade arrest for embezzlement.

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In 1989, Andrew Cunanan dropped out of UC San Diego and settled in the Castro District of San Francisco, a center of gay culture, moving in with Cote and her boyfriend, Phil Merrill.

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In San Francisco, Andrew Cunanan continued his practice of befriending wealthy older men, and reportedly began creating violent pornography.

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In December 1995, Andrew Cunanan met David Madson, a Minneapolis architect, in a San Francisco bar.

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In September 1996, Andrew Cunanan broke up with Norman Blachford, a wealthy older man who had been hosting and financially supporting him.

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Andrew Cunanan was known to regularly consume these drugs, especially methamphetamine.

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Andrew Cunanan had reached the credit limit on both his credit cards, and had to ask for a credit extension to afford his plane ticket to Minneapolis.

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Andrew Cunanan's killings began in Minneapolis on April 27,1997, with the murder of his friend, 28-year-old Jeffrey Trail.

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Andrew Cunanan rang Trail from Madson's apartment to come and retrieve his gun.

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Andrew Cunanan bound Miglin's hands and feet and wrapped his head with duct tape, then stabbed Miglin more than twenty times with a screwdriver, slit his throat with a hacksaw, and stole his car.

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Miglin's family maintain that the killing was random, but former FBI agent Gregg McCrary argues it is unlikely that Andrew Cunanan would have bound and tortured Miglin without some motive.

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Andrew Cunanan then called the police, who found Reese shot in the head by the same Taurus pistol Cunanan used to murder Madson.

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On July 23,1997, Andrew Cunanan's body was found in a luxury houseboat in Miami Beach, after a caretaker reported to police of hearing a gunshot.

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Andrew Cunanan shot himself in the head with the Taurus pistol stolen from Trail; it was the same weapon he used to kill Madson, Reese, and Versace.

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Andrew Cunanan's cremated remains are interred in the mausoleum at Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego.

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Andrew Cunanan's motivation remains unknown; at the time of the murders there was extensive public and press speculation linking the crimes to Andrew Cunanan's alleged discovery that he was HIV positive, although an autopsy revealed he was HIV negative.

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Andrew Cunanan was portrayed by Shane Perdue in the film The Versace Murder, Jonathan Trent in the film Murder in Fashion, Luke Morrison in the television film House of Versace, and Darren Criss in The Assassination of Gianni Versace, the second season of the television series American Crime Story.

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Andrew Cunanan has been the subject of several true crime television series' episodes: Mugshots on Court TV, with "Andrew Cunanan – The Versace Killer", and Six Degrees of Murder, with "The Body in the Rug".

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