25 Facts About Andrew Divoff


Andrew Daniel Divoff was born on July 2,1955 and is a Venezuela-born American actor and producer.


Andrew Divoff can speak eight languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Italian, English, German, and Russian.


Andrew Divoff's parents worked as wildcatters for Exxon, and met because Divoff's maternal grandfather was his father's supervisor.


Andrew Divoff describes himself as having been an introvert and an outsider during his childhood in Caracas, Venezuela, stating that he had experienced near-daily physical altercations and bullying from other children.


Andrew Divoff states that this experience was a catalyst for his obsession with languages.


Andrew Divoff's mother worked for the State Department, and he moved with her when she was transferred to Spain.


Andrew Divoff lived five years in Vilassar de Mar, between 1973 and 1977, feeling himself to be Catalan too.


Andrew Divoff transferred his credits to Georgetown University, where he continued his study of languages and linguistics, and has resided in the United States ever since.


Andrew Divoff did not graduate from Georgetown University, instead deciding to take a year off to help his father settle in California for retirement.


Andrew Divoff had a falling out with the filmmakers due to what he believed constituted animal abuse: real dead pigeons were used in one of the film's scenes.


Andrew Divoff was vacationing in Berlin when he received the call that he won the role.


Andrew Divoff went out to celebrate at a nearby pub and then attended the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, grabbing a sledgehammer and participating in the Wall's destruction.


In rare instances, Andrew Divoff portrayed the protagonist or hero, such as in Running Cool and Interceptor.


Andrew Divoff stated in an interview that he has performed his own stunts so frequently that it is often assumed that he used to be a professional stuntman; however, this is not the case.


Andrew Divoff simply preferred to perform his own stunts because it gave him complete control over every aspect of his characters.


Andrew Divoff played the nefarious "Djinn" in the first two films of the Wishmaster series.


Andrew Divoff reprised the role as the Djinn in Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, directed by Jack Sholder.


Andrew Divoff later reunited with Robert Kurtzman for the "grindhouse"- inspired horror film The Rage, and has since appeared in several other horror films, including the Midnight Syndicate's indie horror flick The Dead Matter as the lead villain.


Andrew Divoff has pursued a number of other business ventures in addition to professional acting, and uses many of these businesses as a springboard for philanthropic and environmentalist efforts.


Andrew Divoff is passionate about environmental issues and water rights, and believes that the best form of activism is simply to help people in need.


Several years after his move from actor William Boyd's former home in Hollywood to the Lake Arrowhead region of the San Bernardino Mountains in 1992, Andrew Divoff formed a logging crew during a time when he described acting opportunities as scarce.


Andrew Divoff later became a partner in Verdant Resource and in Alpine Village Water Company that serves a nearby mountain community.


In 2014, Andrew Divoff developed his own craft beer, the Djinn's Hellabrew, which he has sold to benefit charities, including Smile Train, Operation Provider, and the Hollywood Police Activities League.


In 2017, Andrew Divoff formed his own brewing company, Three Marm Brewing, a "marm" being the part of a tree trunk that forks into two or more trunks.


The partners of Three Marm Brewing are predominantly members of Andrew Divoff's former logging crew.