15 Facts About Andrew Eldritch


Andrew Eldritch was born on Andrew William Harvey Taylor, 15 May 1959 and is an English singer, songwriter and musician.


Andrew Eldritch is the lead vocalist and only remaining original member of the Sisters of Mercy, a band that emerged from the British post-punk scene, transformed into a gothic rock band, and, in later years, flirted with hard rock.


Andrew Eldritch is well known for his deep and melancholic bass-baritone singing voice as well as his poetic lyrics.


Andrew Eldritch was born on 15 May 1959 in the small cathedral city Ely.


Andrew Eldritch later wrote a piano song named "1959", referring to the year of his birth and starting with the line "Living as an angel in the place that I was born".


Andrew Eldritch studied French and German literature at the University of Oxford before moving to Leeds around 1978 to study Mandarin Chinese at the University of Leeds: he left both courses before graduating.


Andrew Eldritch speaks fluent French and German and has some knowledge of Dutch, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, and Latin, but stated he had forgotten the Chinese he learned.


In 1995 Andrew Eldritch interviewed David Bowie and Leonard Cohen for the German edition of Rolling Stone magazine.


Marx wrote an album's worth of backing tracks, to which Andrew Eldritch could contribute lyrics for release as a new studio album.


Andrew Eldritch eventually backed out of the project and Marx released the tracks over a decade later as a solo album.


Two musical projects Andrew Eldritch set up with his label, Merciful Release, have later been confirmed as Paris Riots and Leeds Underground.


In 1997 Andrew Eldritch produced the SSV studio album Go Figure, featuring his vocals over drumless electronic music.


In 2009 Andrew Eldritch gave his first interview in 12 years to Classic Rock writer Joel McIver, in which he rejected the need for any new recorded material from the Sisters and talked at length about the band's career.


Andrew Eldritch has made pointed criticism of the Republican Party of the United States, a group with which Eldritch claims to have a "hate-hate" relationship,.


Since the early 1990s, Andrew Eldritch has publicly rejected associations with the goth subculture.