28 Facts About Andrew Morse


Andrew Morse was born on March 10,1974 and is an American journalist and television news executive.

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Andrew Morse was the Executive Vice President of CNN US, as well as EVP and chief digital officer of CNN Worldwide from 2013 until 2022.

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Andrew Morse attended the Landon School, an independent boys day school in Bethesda, Maryland for his grade school education.

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Andrew Morse graduated from Cornell University, where he majored in government and was the editor-in-chief of The Cornell Daily Sun.

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Andrew Morse joined ABC News as a desk assistant and production coordinator for its Washington Bureau in 1997.

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Andrew Morse was the Asia bureau chief and producer from 2002 until 2005.

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Andrew Morse led ABC's coverage of events like the War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, 2011 Egyptian revolution, 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2004 South Asia Tsunami and the 2002 Bali bombings.

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In 2003, Andrew Morse filmed his ascent to the Mount Everest Base Camp as part of a special celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

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Andrew Morse spent two weeks reporting from North Korea in 2004.

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From 2007 to 2010, Andrew Morse was the Executive Producer of Good Morning America Weekend.

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Andrew Morse served as Executive Producer of Innovation, overseeing ABC's digital portfolio, including the 24-hour broadband channel ABC News Now, as well as the development and launch of its iPad and iPhone applications.

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Andrew Morse is credited with developing The Quick Fix, a short-form online news programme which launched in 2009.

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Andrew Morse oversaw ABC's first media partnership with Facebook in 2008.

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Andrew Morse was head of the Bloomberg television network in the US from 2011 to 2013.

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Andrew Morse led Bloomberg's work in digital programming and expanded its viewership beyond its core audience.

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Andrew Morse produced the network's first Presidential Debate and coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

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In 2013, Andrew Morse became senior vice president of editorial at CNN US Television.

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Andrew Morse managed US newsgathering and the DC bureau operations, including all political coverage.

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Jeff Zucker stated that Andrew Morse's hire was meant to connect the network's digital and television newsgathering efforts.

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Andrew Morse managed its editorial, product, technology, business development and partnerships.

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Andrew Morse oversaw the acquisition of Canopy, a technology company specializing in data privacy and content recommendation.

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Andrew Morse spearheaded CNN+, the network's streaming service, oversaw the content and product development, as well as the hiring of 500 employees and on air talent.

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Andrew Morse co-founded Great Big Story with Chris Berend, as a separate operation from CNN.

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Andrew Morse has received numerous awards and nominations over the course of his career.

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Andrew Morse has been nominated for several Emmy Awards, winning two.

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Andrew Morse was named one of the "Changemakers in Media" by Digiday in 2017.

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Andrew Morse is married to Ana Karina Burdsall; they have two children.

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Andrew Morse's wife is a writer, and was the president of the board of directors of ECPAT USA.

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