12 Facts About Andrew Stein


Andrew Stein was born on Andrew J Finkelstein; March 4,1945 and is an American Democratic politician who served on the New York City Council and was its last president, and as Manhattan Borough President.


Andrew Stein was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1969 to 1977, sitting in the 178th, 179th, 180th, 181st and 182nd New York State Legislatures.


Andrew Stein was well known for his series of public hearings into the management practices of nursing homes in the state.


In 1977, Stein was elected as borough president of Manhattan, defeating Robert F Wagner Jr.


Andrew Stein defeated Dinkins again in the 1981 Democratic primary for the borough presidency.


Andrew Stein was the Democratic nominee for Congress in the "Silk Stocking District" on Manhattan's East Side in 1984, but was defeated by incumbent Republican S William Green.


Andrew Stein declined a race for a third term as borough president in 1985 to run for city council president.

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The change in duties would occur when Andrew Stein's term expired on January 1,1994.


In 1993, Andrew Stein announced he would challenge Mayor Dinkins in the primary.


Andrew Stein retired from the city council presidency and from public life in the city.


On May 27,2010, Andrew Stein was indicted and arrested for lying about his involvement during the investigation of the multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme involving Ken Starr, a financial advisor to various Hollywood celebrities.


Andrew Stein pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor tax evasion charge and was sentenced to 500 hours of community service.