11 Facts About Andriyan Nikolayev


Andriyan Grigoryevich Nikolayev was a Soviet cosmonaut.

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Andriyan Nikolayev was an ethnic Chuvash and is considered as the first Turkic person who flew into space.

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Andriyan Nikolayev supported his family following the death of his father in 1944, however this was not preferred by his mother, who preferred that he earn an education.

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Andriyan Nikolayev later entered medical school before he joined the Soviet army.

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Andriyan Nikolayev's calm made him a fair candidate for becoming a cosmonaut.

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Andriyan Nikolayev served as backup for the Vostok 2 and Soyuz 8 missions.

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On 22 January 1969, Andriyan Nikolayev survived an assassination attempt on Leonid Brezhnev, undertaken by a Soviet Army deserter, Viktor Ilyin.

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Andriyan Nikolayev was the first person to make a television broadcast from space, in August 1962.

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Many men cracked but Andriyan Nikolayev lasted the longest – four days – and became known as the Iron Man.

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In 2004, Andriyan Nikolayev died of a heart attack in Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvashia in Russia.

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Gherman Titov was a gymnastics enthusiast, Andriyan Nikolayev liked skiing, Pavel Popovich went in for weight lifting.

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