11 Facts About Andy Carvin


Andy Carvin is an American blogger and former senior product manager for online communities at NPR.

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Andy Carvin accepted a position at First Look Media in February, 2014.

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Andy Carvin is an active blogger as well as a field correspondent to the vlog Rocketboom.

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In January 2005, Andy Carvin began advocating mobile phone podcasting as a tool for citizen journalism and human rights monitoring; he called the concept "mobcasting".

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Andy Carvin later demonstrated mobcasting as part of a collaborative blog called Katrina Aftermath, which allowed members of the public to post multimedia content regarding Hurricane Katrina.

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Andy Carvin has been honored as one of the top education technology advocates in eSchool News magazine and District Administration magazine.

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In September 2006, Andy Carvin became a staff member at NPR as their senior product manager for online communities.

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Andy Carvin had traveled extensively in Tunisia, had many contacts there, and was able to develop others.

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Andy Carvin has given interviews about his news curation of citizen journalism on blogs, journalism sites, as well as mainstream media sites.

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Andy Carvin was a recipient of the Journalism Awards: Special Distinction Award, Knight-Batten Award for Innovation for his Twitter reporting, July 2011.

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Andy Carvin donated the iPhone he used to tweet during the Arab Spring to the American History Museum.

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