19 Facts About Andy Haldane


Andy Haldane resigned from the Bank of England in June 2021 to become chief executive of the Royal Society for Arts.


Andy Haldane sits on the UK's government's Economic Advisory Council.


Andy Haldane did not study maths at A-level, teaching himself; he said that he was "very far from being natural at maths" and struggles teaching his children the subject.


Andy Haldane received a BA in economics from the University of Sheffield in 1988 and an MA in economics from the University of Warwick in 1989.


Andy Haldane worked in monetary analysis, on various issues regarding monetary policy strategy, inflation targeting, and central bank independence.


Andy Haldane had a secondment to work at the International Monetary Fund.


In 2005 Andy Haldane assumed responsibility for the Systemic Risk Assessment Division within the Financial Stability department.

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Andy Haldane has been widely cited as a leading Bank of England expert on financial stability and is a co-author with Adair Turner and others of the London School of Economics The Future of Finance report.


In October 2012 Andy Haldane said the Occupy movement protesters had been right to criticise the financial sector and had persuaded bankers and politicians "to behave in a more moral way".


Andy Haldane feared the cost would fall on the next generation or even the generation afterwards.


Andy Haldane said in a speech on 4 April 2014 to a financial audience that "too big to fail" risks that are being tackled by reforms at major banks were applicable to the asset-management industry, calling it the "next frontier" for macroprudential policy.


Andy Haldane introduced the "non-bank, non-insurer globally systemically important financial institutions" into the lexicon at this event, and detailed the thrust of regulators as "modulating the price of risk, when this is materially mispriced, could be every bit as important as controlling its quantity".


Andy Haldane said in 2017 the rise in self-employment and drop in union membership mirrors weak workforces of the pre-1750 era.


Andy Haldane said a period of "divide and conquer" had left workers less able to bargain for higher wages.


In September 2021, Andy Haldane was appointed as the head of the Levelling Up Taskforce in the newly renamed Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, under Secretary of State Michael Gove.


Andy Haldane became a trustee of the independent charity National Numeracy in 2016.


Andy Haldane is an ambassador for the volunteering network REACH.


In 2016, Andy Haldane was elected a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


Andy Haldane has authored more than 70 articles and three books on inflation targeting, central bank independence, international financial crises, financial stability frameworks and payment systems, along with notable analysis critical of the remuneration models that divorce capital control from its ownership in the financial services sector, where stewardship bonuses are rewarded regardless of loss or gains to clients, contrary to rational norms of fiduciary duty.