22 Facts About Andy Mangels


Andy Mangels was born on December 2,1966 and is an American science fiction author who has written novels, comic books, and magazine articles, and produced DVD collections, mostly focusing on media in popular culture.


Andy Mangels is the founder of an annual "Women of Wonder Day" event, which raised over $136,000 in funds for domestic violence shelters and related programs during its seven-year run.


Andy Mangels contributed to The Superhero Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes, and The SuperVillain Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Comic Book and Hollywood Masterminds, Megalomaniacs, and Menaces,.


Since the 1990s Andy Mangels has written comic book stories and text pieces for several major publishers.


Andy Mangels's Topps writing includes the comics adaptation of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday.


Andy Mangels scripted Platinum Studio' graphic novel Super Larry, World's Toughest Man.


Andy Mangels contributed stories, including creating an early openly gay superhero named Pride.


Andy Mangels has written for international magazines such as Dreamwatch, Edizione Star, Fantazia, Farscape Magazine, La Tomba Di Dracula, Star Trek Monthly, Star Wars Magazine, and others.


In 2012, Andy Mangels was awarded the Inkpot Award for Achievement in the Comic Arts at Comic-Con International.


In July 2016, The New York Times ran a story about Dynamite Entertainment, which revealed that Andy Mangels was writing a new intercompany crossover mini-series for the company, in conjunction with DC Comics: Wonder Woman '77 Meets The Bionic Woman, bringing together the Lynda Carter television character with Lindsay Wagner's fellow 1970s television super-heroine.


Andy Mangels provided Special Features content, including hosting commentary tracks, and other production work and writing for the sets.


When BCI Eclipse closed in 2008, Andy Mangels worked for two other companies, scripting and directing documentaries, and providing commentary tracks and production work.


Andy Mangels performed onstage in Kalispell, Montana theatres, including roles in such shows as Brigadoon, A Christmas Carol, Once Upon a Mattress and Ira Levine's psycho-thriller Veronica's Room.


Andy Mangels has performed in Portland, Oregon with Stumptown Stages in The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical, JANE Theatre in Hullabaloo: The Little Frankenstein, Coho Theatre in Mrs California and Steel Magnolias, and on the Lakewood Theatre stage in The Secret Garden.


Andy Mangels has appeared multiple times on Grimm, most recently in a two-episode arc in 2015 as a featured member of the "Wesenrein" group.


Andy Mangels has been in several films and telefilms, including Untraceable, Comic Book: The Movie, A Change of Heart, and Total Reality.


Andy Mangels is active in the gay community, particularly in the leather and bear subcultures.


Andy Mangels previously held the title of Mr Oregon State Leather 2004.


Andy Mangels has won multiple national Pantheon of Leather awards, specifically the "Northwest Regional Award" in 1995,2005, and 2011.


Andy Mangels created, moderated, and ran the "Gays In Comics" panel at San Diego's Comic-Con International for 25 years, from 1988 to 2012.


Andy Mangels is a founding member of the non-profit GLBTQI organization PRISM Comics, serving gay comic fans and professionals, and is a member of the group's Advisory Board.


The publicity surrounding this led to the passage of rent-control legislation in the state of Oregon, and Andy Mangels was invited to attend the bill signing by Gov.