29 Facts About Andy Mineo


Andy Mineo is signed to Reach Records and his creative initiative Miner League.


Originally from Syracuse, Andy Mineo worked as a producer in high school at Henninger High School in Upstate New York, and joined the hip-hop group Fat Camp, signed to Syracuse University's Marshall Street Records.


In 2011, Andy Mineo released "In My City", a single featuring Efrain from Doubledge, that continued to build momentum and buzz.


Andy Mineo produced the single "Destiny" by Sheena Lee, in which he was a featured performer, and, along with rapper Derek Minor, aided DJ Official in producing "Power Trip" by Lecrae, featuring Andy Mineo, Derek Minor, and Sho Baraka, from the album Gravity.


Andy Mineo was raised in a single-parent home in Syracuse, New York.


However, after his conversion, Andy Mineo went into high school with no Christian support, and he soon drifted away from his faith.


Andy Mineo had formed a friendship with Chris "Oxburg" Leonard, and the pair recorded a song together in 2001.


Andy Mineo explained to Rapzilla "Background" was his first attempt at singing, and following the success of that song he received subsequent requests.


Andy Mineo contributed to "Put On" from Captured by Flame and "The Reunion Cypha" on Stop the Funeral by The Ambassador.


Andy Mineo released the single "In My City" in 2011 as part of the God in My City Movement prayer walk that Mineo was involved in.


On July 28,2011, at Legacy Conference 2011, Reach Records announced that Andy Mineo had signed with the label.


Andy Mineo released his debut mixtape on Reach Records, Formerly Known, on September 29,2011.


In May 2012, Andy Mineo launched a 4-episode web series entitled Saturday Morning Car-Tunez which featured him remixing classic hip-hop songs.


Andy Mineo headlined the 2012 Kingdom Choice Awards along with Swoope and Bizzle.


On January 8,2013, Andy Mineo announced the release date for Heroes for Sale, April 16,2013, and released the cover.


On January 1,2014, Andy Mineo announced season two of Saturday Morning Car-Tunez, which showed the making of Andy Mineo's EP, Never Land, which he released on January 28,2014.


Andy Mineo revealed the art work for his second full-length album with Reach Records, Uncomfortable, on July 16,2015.


In 2016, Andy Mineo released a music video for his song "Hear My Heart", which describes his guilt for not learning sign language to communicate with his deaf sister for 25 years.


Andy Mineo said he worked for a year to make translate every sound in the song into a three-dimensional experience so that deaf viewers could experience the rhythm of the music.


Andy Mineo founded Miner League, a brand he had explained was going to give him new an outlet to make music and expand his reach.


Andy Mineo had experienced a creative halt while writing his upcoming album.


Andy Mineo reached out to Wordsplayed, and together they came up with the concept of Magic and Bird, a five-song extended play of songs from Mineo and Wordsplayed.


Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed called their song, "Dunk Contest", a summarization of their time in Atlanta.


On September 21,2017, Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed launched the Friends and Family Tour.


Andy Mineo scored his first RIAA certification when "You Can't Stop Me" went gold on January 17,2018.


Andy Mineo revealed that the six-track release is the first of four extended plays culminating into his third studio album.


Andy Mineo married Cristina Delgado on August 23,2014, after their engagement that April.


Andy Mineo lived in Washington Heights, and is close friends with his mentors Alex Medina and Rich Perez, who are frequent artistic collaborators with Mineo.


Andy Mineo was a pastor at Christ Crucified Fellowship, of which Perez is head pastor, but with the increasing success of his music career took on the role of deacon instead.