37 Facts About Andy Richter


Paul Andrew Richter was born on October 28,1966 and is an American actor, comedian, writer, and talk show announcer.


Andy Richter is best known as the sidekick for Conan O'Brien on each of O'Brien's talk shows: Late Night and The Tonight Show on NBC and Conan on TBS.


Andy Richter was star of the TV series Andy Richter Controls the Universe.


Andy Richter graduated from Yorkville High School in 1984, where he was elected Prom King.


Andy Richter's parents divorced when he was 4 and his father later came out as gay.


Andy Richter went from student to "House Performer" within a year.


Andy Richter branched out working with "The Comedy Underground" and the Annoyance Theatre.

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Conan O'Brien

Andy Richter was not an original member of the cast but the actor who played "Mike Brady" in the Chicago cast opted not to go to New York.


Andy Richter asked Soloway if he could play "Mike" in New York and, since Soloway had not cast a replacement, he agreed.


Smigel sent Andy Richter to join Conan O'Brien on stage during a practice run-through when the production staff was testing lighting angles and sound, and noticed the two had a strong rapport.


Andy Richter became O'Brien's sidekick just weeks before the show began airing in 1993.


Andy Richter departed from Late Night after the show on May 26,2000.


Andy Richter left his post at Late Night in 2000 to pursue a career acting in films and television.


On February 24,2009, it was announced that Andy Richter would rejoin O'Brien as the announcer for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien in Los Angeles.


Andy Richter frequently appeared in comedy sketches on the show and often commented and interacted with Conan during the opening monologue; he was part of the show's writing staff.


In mid-December 2009, Andy Richter began joining Conan on the couch during the celebrity interviews, much like he did in his former sidekick role on Late Night.


Andy Richter said he enjoyed having a steady paycheck again and not having to deal with production companies while developing television shows.


When Conan O'Brien returned to the air as host of Conan on TBS in 2010, Andy Richter followed and resumed his roles as announcer, writer, general sidekick and participant in comedy sketches.


Since June 2019, Andy Richter has his own podcast on the Earwolf network.


In 2010, Andy Richter was considered to be a potential host of the classic Pyramid game show that was being developed for CBS, but was ultimately not picked up by the network.


In June 2010, Andy Richter hosted the Team Coco Presents the Conan Writers Live comedy special for TBS at the Just for Laughs festival in Chicago.


Andy Richter hosted in place of O'Brien, who was prohibited from hosting any television program until fall 2010.


In July 2013, Andy Richter signed up to host a game show called Step Up, which was ordered by Fox.


Andy Richter's earnings were donated to the St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


Andy Richter got 2nd place and $30,000 for his charity The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

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Conan O'Brien

Andy Richter appeared in Monk as a murderer posing as Adrian Monk's best friend in the episode "Mr Monk Makes a Friend".


Andy Richter reprises the roles in several episodes of season 4, which aired in 2013 on Netflix.


From 2006 to 2008, Andy Richter had a recurring role as "Sad Dad" Stan in the TV show The New Adventures of Old Christine.


In July 2009, Andy Richter played for the American League as a first baseman in the 2009 Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game.


Andy Richter served in his usual role as announcer and sidekick.


Andy Richter made an appearance on the Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life on Deck as a non-religious hooded brother, Brother Theodore in the episode "Silent Treatment".


In May 2021 Andy Richter appeared on the Gus and Eddy Podcast hosted by comedy duo Gus Johnson and Eddy Burback.


Andy Richter was married to comedic actress and author Sarah Thyre from 1994 to 2019, and they have two children, a son born in 2000 and a daughter born in 2005.


Thyre was part of the cast of the comedy series Strangers with Candy, on which Richter made frequent cameo appearances.


Andy Richter stated that although they were very sad about the situation, they both knew it was the right decision for them.


Andy Richter said that he is "eternally grateful" to the organization for allowing them to care for themselves and for the ability to choose the time to bring children into their lives.


Andy Richter is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.