20 Facts About Angela Kinsey


Angela Faith Kinsey was born on June 25,1971 and is an American actress.


Angela Kinsey played Angela Martin in the sitcom The Office and appeared in the sitcoms Your Family or Mine and Haters Back Off.


Angela Kinsey's family returned to the United States and settled in Archer City, Texas.


Angela Kinsey studied English at Baylor University, where she became a member of the Chi Omega sorority, "took as many theatre classes as possible", and participated in the "Baylor in London" program.


Angela Kinsey worked for the show's band leader, drummer Max Weinberg.


The experience inspired Angela Kinsey to take a coast-to-coast road trip with a friend from New York City to California.


Angela Kinsey moved to Los Angeles and took improvisation classes with The Groundlings and at iO West.


Angela Kinsey voiced the character "Angela" on two episodes of King of the Hill.


Angela Kinsey appeared on Monk as a murderer named Arlene Boras in "Mr Monk and the Naked Man" and "Mr Monk's 100th Case".


Angela Kinsey is one of several cast members of The Office to have a role in License to Wed, a film directed by Ken Kwapis, who often directed episodes of The Office.


Angela Kinsey updated her MySpace blog with behind-the-scenes anecdotes of upcoming episodes of the series.


Since 2014, Angela Kinsey has starred in the Hulu comedy series The Hotwives, returning for season two on August 18,2015.


Angela Kinsey appears alongside YouTube star Colleen Ballinger, as Miranda, and Steve Little, as Miranda's uncle Jim.


In 2019, Angela Kinsey starred in the Netflix film Tall Girl and plays the mom to Ava Michelle's main character Jodi.


In 2020, Angela Kinsey appeared as the host of Disney+'s Be Our Chef and as a panelist on MTV's Deliciousness.


On September 11,2019, Angela Kinsey announced via Twitter that she and Jenna Fischer would be co-hosting a weekly podcast called Office Ladies.


In 2021, Angela Kinsey announced that she would be releasing a book, Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There, with former co-star Jenna Fischer, which was released in 2022.


Angela Kinsey is the brother of Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby Flenderson on The Office.


Angela Kinsey gave birth to their daughter in May 2008.


Angela Kinsey's representative stated that the two continue to be friends.