25 Facts About Angelo Bagnasco


Angelo Bagnasco is an Italian Cardinal of the Catholic Church.


Angelo Bagnasco was Archbishop of Genoa from 2006 to 2020.


Angelo Bagnasco was President of the Italian Episcopal Conference from 2007 to 2017 and was elevated to the rank of cardinal in 2007.


Angelo Bagnasco was President of the Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe from 2016 to 2021.


Angelo Bagnasco is considered to be conservative in his views and a theological ally of his predecessor in the CEI, Cardinal Camillo Ruini.


Angelo Bagnasco attended the liceum of classics at the archdiocesan seminary of Genoa, and was ordained to the priesthood on 29 June 1966 by Cardinal Giuseppe Siri.


Angelo Bagnasco was once the diocesan representative to the FUCI and led efforts for the pastoral care of students in the region.

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Angelo Bagnasco was appointed Bishop of Pesaro on 3 January 1998.


Angelo Bagnasco became Metropolitan Archbishop of the same see on 11 March 2000.


Angelo Bagnasco defended Pope Benedict XVI in the Regensburg controversy.


On 7 March 2007, Benedict XVI selected Angelo Bagnasco to succeed Camillo Ruini as President of the Italian Episcopal Conference for a five-year term.


On 17 October 2007 Pope Benedict announced that Angelo Bagnasco would be created cardinal in a consistory on 24 November.


Angelo Bagnasco was created Cardinal-Priest of Gran Madre di Dio.


Also in 2008 Angelo Bagnasco was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to the Congregation for Bishops, but he was named a member when Pope Francis overhauled the membership of that Congregation in 2013.


Angelo Bagnasco took part in the papal conclave of 2013 that elected Pope Francis, and was seen as a possible contender for the papacy by some media sources.


Angelo Bagnasco said had been vaccinated and knew he could still be infected.


Angelo Bagnasco has expressed strong opposition to abortion, especially with regards to the RU-486 pill, which has abortive effects on the conceptus.


Angelo Bagnasco said in remarks to the Italian news agency ANSA in 2016 that "it pains us as Christians but it pains us as persons" that euthanasia was permitted in Belgium to enable a terminally ill 17 year-old minor to die.


Angelo Bagnasco has in the past said that euthanasia is an action with the absence of love and that it follows a secular criteria rather than a religious one.


Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio from the Italian Green Party, a vocal supporter of gay rights, said Angelo Bagnasco had made a "grave, foolish comparison which offends millions of people".


Angelo Bagnasco later condemned a ruling made by the Tuscan courts in 2014 which, for the first time in Italy, recognized the marriage of a gay couple who had wed in New York.


In 2019, Angelo Bagnasco cancelled three separate public prayers of reparation for a gay pride parade that was set to be held in the archdiocese but offered no explanation for his decision.


Angelo Bagnasco's decision was met with some criticism as was the lack of explanation for his action.


Angelo Bagnasco affirmed that each man has the right to be employed.


Angelo Bagnasco has advised that the flexibility of the workforce has to be limited.

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