19 Facts About Anglesey


Anglesey is an island off the north-west coast of Wales.

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Poetic names for Anglesey include the Old Welsh Ynys Dywyll for its former groves and Ynys y Cedairn for its royal courts; Gerald of Wales' Mon Mam Cymru for its agricultural productivity; and Y fel Ynys .

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The Roman conquest of Anglesey began in 60 CE when the Roman general Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, determined to break the power of the druids, attacked the island using his amphibious Batavian contingent as a surprise vanguard assault and then destroyed the shrine and the nemeta .

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Anglesey was briefly the most southerly possession of the Norwegian Empire.

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Anglesey is a low-lying island with low hills spaced evenly over the north.

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The Anglesey Sea Zoo is a local attraction offering looks at local marine wildlife from common lobsters to congers.

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Anglesey has the northernmost olive grove in Europe and presumably in the world.

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Much of Anglesey is used for relatively intensive cattle and sheep farming, but several important wetland sites have protected status and the lakes all have significant ecological interest, including a wide range of aquatic and semi-aquatic bird species.

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Anglesey holds several tern species, including the roseate tern on three breeding sites – see Anglesey tern colonies.

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Almost the whole coastline of Anglesey is designated as an Area of Outstandng Natural Beauty to protect the aesthetic appeal and variety of the island's coastal landscape and habitats from inappropriate development.

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The coastal zone of Anglesey was classed as an AONB in 1966 and confirmed as such in 1967.

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Druidic college at Anglesey is referred to in the metal band Eluveitie's song "Inis Mona", referring to Ynys Mon.

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Geology of Anglesey is complex and frequently targeted for geology field trips by schools and colleges.

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Anglesey is the only onshore part of the UK to have sediments dated to the Early Middle Miocene .

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Anglesey is linked to the mainland by the Britannia Bridge, carrying the A55 from Holyhead, and the Menai Suspension Bridge, carrying the A5 trunk road.

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Anglesey made an unsuccessful bid for the 2009 games, led by Ynys Mon MP Albert Owen, in the hope of more than £3m of spending if it had hosted the event.

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However, Anglesey lacks two needful facilities: a six-lane competition swimming pool and an athletics track.

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Anglesey Hunt, formed in 1757, was the second oldest fox hunting association in Wales after Tivyside Hunt in Cardiganshire.

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Anglesey Circuit is a licensed MSA and ACU championship racing circuit that opened in 1997.

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