10 Facts About Angus MacNeil


Unusually, Angus MacNeil is a Roman Catholic representing a strongly Presbyterian parliamentary constituency.


In March 2006, Angus MacNeil came to attention when he lodged a complaint with the Metropolitan Police regarding the Labour Party Cash for Peerages scandal.


Angus MacNeil received awards from The Spectator magazine and the Political Studies Society for setting the political agenda in Britain during 2006.


Angus MacNeil is a member of the editorial board for political monthly Total Politics.


Angus MacNeil has served on a number of parliamentary committees.


In July 2019 Angus MacNeil criticised the then Conservative leadership candidate, Boris Johnson for stating that learning English is essential for immigrants.


Angus MacNeil called English a "Germanic import" in contrast to indigenous Celtic languages.

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In 1998 Angus MacNeil married Jane Douglas who worked as his parliamentary secretary.


In 2007, the Sunday Mail reported Angus MacNeil had "kissed and fondled" two girls aged 17 and 18 in an Orkney hotel room while his wife was in hospital pregnant with their third child.


Angus MacNeil said he bitterly regretted the incident and said he was angry it had diverted attention from the "substantial political issues" he had been pursuing.